PGs - how will they adhere to the new norms

Yesterday, a newspaper carried some guidelines on how PGs (Paying Guest accommodations) should operate - Distancing of beds (1 meter) , no common bathrooms, hand sanitizers. temperature checks, masks etc. While all this looks good on paper, the practicality needs to be seen.
Last year, around the same time, we had seen a few PGs in Chennai for my daughter. All the PGs we saw had sharing rooms (2 to 6 or more), bunk beds, common toilets, absolutely no sunlight, very little ventilation ..... to name few. Luckily, we got a PG were they gave a separate room, but common toilet (for 3 to 4). The PG was decent, well maintained,spacious and ventilated. When she goes back to Chennai (once the College reopens), we have to give some thought to her staying in the PG since there are shared resources. Though we are continuing to pay the rent, we might have to think of renting a flat until April next year.

Given that most PGs are cramped to enable the host to mint money, how would they be able to adhere to social distancing, hygiene, no sharing of resources.
The same would be true for hostels.Checking the temperature and hand sanitizers is fine. But, how many PGs are there with separate rooms and attached bath and how many can afford separate rooms with attached bath?
PGs (registered and unregistered) are the new way of making money (many do not give a receipt and only accept cash)so . In Bangalore, where we live, there are a few colleges and PGs have come up left and right.

Both the guests and the hosts need to think of how to manage the new norms. For definitely, continuing the way they operate today would be a risky proposition.

Please share your thoughts. more  

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Coronavirus has succeeded in changing our thought-processes and our approach to many aspects of Life and Living. Like a school teacher holding a baton in hand. Needed is not just self-isolation but also self-disciplining..... more  
Agreed that the owners have to improve the infrastructure. Reconstruction will take a long time. In the interim, they could make some modifications, subject to stability of the building. Could be small rooms fir single occupancy with attached bath. Affordability also needs to be looked at. Owners could reduce their profit margins (fir most, it is additional income/side business). And govt. could fix the max. rent they ould charge and rentals should be clearly diplayed on their website/outside their facility. An online complaint mechanism if the rent is above stipulated amount and facility does not adhere to the norms, with an action turnaround time of 24hours would be the need of the hour (I know this is over over ambitious).
And guests should also think twice before moving in, if the pg has has shared rooms and toilets. more  
It's same in Delhi opposite Delhi university colleges
Being a central university lots of students are getting enrolled in different colleges but living with other students on sharing basis
Women who are in charge ( call them landladies) queue up outside colleges to get students to live with them as paying guests
No receipt is issued by the women
PGs are at mercy of the women who give them bland diet and charge for the food provided along with the rooms
Common toilets along with shortage of water
Servants cook the foods
These days entry of helpers is prohibited
How can landladies used to easy earnings survive in case of no students getting admitted?
Sometimes fights ensue among women who are competing against each other to retain the ' guests '
Only if basics of humanity have been a source of income along with the efforts put in by the landladies? more  
Govt in clueless and everyday coming with absurd and funny ideas. The same Govt is allowing middle seat in trains, common toilet in every transport, opened offices, factories.
Waiting for a circular asking the same for core living in Slums like Dharavi and others parts of country. more  
Corona is going to stay and we have to live with it till the vaccines are available. The PG acco providers should improve the infrastructure according to Govt ruling. more  
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