Peripheral Neuropathy Causes and Natural Solutions.

Peripheral Neuropathy Causes and Natural Solutions.

The term Neuropathy is short for 'peripheral neuropathy'. It relates to nerve damage suffered by the peripheral nervous system, which is in charge of our nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.

Neuropathy is a complication that can be caused by a number of various conditions. Physical trauma, repetitive injury, infections, metabolic problems and exposure to toxins and some drugs can all lead to peripheral neuropathy.

Signs and symptoms of neuropathy

Neuropathy usually starts as a tingling or burning sensation at our extremities, such as finger and toes. There is also a loss of sensation at the edge of the nerves that patients have reported feeling like they are wearing a thin stocking or glove on their hands.

The precise symptoms differ from patient to patient based on the types of nerves affected. There are three types of nerves that may be affected by neuropathy: Sensory, motor and autonomic.

Sensory nerves
Sensory nerves are responsible for collecting sensory information for the body, such as touch. Neuropathy of the sensory nerves can be expressed as:

- Spreading numbness and tingling in hands and/or feet (which can spread to the arms and legs).
- Burning, sharp or electric-like pain
- Extreme sensitivity to touch
- Problems with coordination

Motor nerves:
Motor nerves are the nerves responsible for activating our muscles and control movements.

- Muscle weakness
- Paralysis

Autonomic nerves:
Autonomic nerves are responsible for internal actions of the body, such as regulating digestion, heat and blood pressure.

- Intolerance to heat
- Problems with digestion, bladder and bowel control
- Dizziness (or lightheadedness) brought about by problems with blood pressure.

A common cause of neuropathy: Diabetes

For diabetics, neuropathy can be quite common. That said, about 50% of diabetics who have neuropathy won't notice the symptoms, and it will stay on a very low level. For the other 50%, however, the symptoms will be unavoidable. Pain is the most common complaint, usually a 'prickling', 'stabbing' or 'burning' pain, that happens mostly at night. This, along with a numbness that feels as if the limb is 'asleep' - occurs predominantly in the toes, feet and legs.

What do doctors prescribe for this condition?

Most doctors will stick to the old medical regime of anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, steroid and cortisone injections, lidocaine patches and pain killers. These are powerful drugs that address the painful sensations for short and long term relief. However, as powerful drugs, they have a host of side-effects and must be administered very carefully. Some medical practitioners recommend electrical stimulation of the pain area and of the spine. The medical community is united in agreement that more solutions to this problem are required, but progress has been very slow from the medical and drug industry so far.

Natural solutions to neuropathy

First off, if you are suffering from diabetes related neuropathy, you must do the following:

- Give up smoking
- Cut down on alcohol consumption or give it up altogether
- Maintain a healthy weight
- Exercise

Other recommended habits for those suffering from neuropathy include: Wearing clothing that causes less irritation, such as cotton, covering the sensitive areas with wound dressing or cling film and using cold packs.

Stress relief is also a big help when it comes to neuropathy, and so relaxation techniques are a big help, such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture.

Vitamin therapy

Clinical studies have shown that certain supplements can have a cumulative effect on the symptoms and causes of neuropathy. These herbal extracts can be taken without worry that they may clash with a parallel medical treatment. Certain herbal extracts and formulas offer a level of relief that has rarely been reached by just using medical procedures. This must be taken daily to achieve the desired relief.

Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12.

Vitamin B deficiency is one of the major causes of neuropathy, and also one of the best natural solutions. All herbal extracts contain large amounts of vitamin B1, usually in its common form of thiamine.

Recent natural medications have reverted to using benfotiamine, which has been found to be significantly more effective in delivering vitamin B than thiamine is (x3).

Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)

This powerful antioxidant that is one of the rare few materials that can pass through the brain's blood/brain barrier to enter the brain and go directly where it is needed the most.

Most importantly, it has a specific effect on the nerves that eases the pain and numbness associated with neuropathy, and promotes better blood flow and oxygen to the nerves.

Recent studies have reported that just by using the R-ALA alone, orally, has reduced symptoms of neuropathy.

Neuropathy support formulas

These days, it is common for those suffering from neuropathy to take both medical and vitamin therapies, combining short-term treatment with the cumulative effects of correct nutrition.

The best formulas (so make sure they have these in the ingredient list) include vitamins B1, B2 and B12, as well as Vitamin D, R-ALA and materials that relax your nervous system, avoiding overstimulation.

I personally recommend checking those out for anyone who is really looking for a solution to their neuropathy problem, or is worried they are developing one. For diabetes patients, this would be a good way to perhaps prevent the onset of neuropathic symptoms. more  

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Dear Dr. Raja Chandra Sir, thanks a lot for valuable information, can you give us information about GBS syndrome , prevention and treatment of this syndromes.

my brother is suffering from this GBS syndrome . if you can please help me out more  
Dear Dr. Raja Chandra sir, Thank You Sir. If you find some good Ayurvedic Dr. Sir Please Give their reference in this circle so that others could benefit from your experience. In the mean while I have been suggested to take 1 Tab. Of Narvocal in the Morning & 2 tabs Of Dasmul Dhanvati twice in a day after meals. These medicines are being formulated by Pravek Kalp. a leading exporter of Ayurvedic Medicines. I am going to start the same from today & will revered back to you all after about 15 days if any improvement is there in my condition. Thanks Sir. D.L.jalan. more  
Raja Sir, I would suggest you to meet few Ayurvedic Docs not one. Prepare few questionnaire in your mind, ask same question to all the Ayurvedic docs. They generally don't charge for consultations only for Medicines. I travel a lot Keep meeting these Rajvaidyas as they follow their traditional knowledge and skills. What I have understood is Clinical research & trials in Allopathy and Tri-doshas imbalances are two different ways of pinpointing and curing the diseases. Where clinical trials looks for accuracy the tridoshas balancing act works on wholesome root cause treatment. There are many research materials are available online, so whenever you get time you can do a good search and read it too. For example what does the Gurmarin present in Karela does?? or how does the Capsaicin present in green chilli fastens the metabolism, Fishes like Mackerel and Tuna are good sources of OMEGA -3 Fatty acid but then what about vegetarians, well Almonds & Walnuts are best source of OMEGA -3 Fatty these are the food items can be included easily in the food.
AIIMS has an ayurvedic wing can be checked. more  
Chandra Sahab,Trust your ancestor's wisdom. I have done lot of fact finding about this metabolic disorder. It not a monster, one just needs to be active and eat balanced food. One thing, I will share is that I personally found drastic change after adapting few lifestyle alterations:
1. I drink copper charged water early morning without brushing. Keep water in a copper container at least for eight hours then take first thing as you get up in the morning give 15 mins to yourself then brush, keep a gap of 2 hrs in breakfast.
2. Take plenty of sunlight, try to expose your back to sunlight it fastens the Vitamin D absorption and further breaks down the calcium and Iron in the body. If not highly diabetic and can walk barefooted on grass then do it safely for 10 -15 mins. You will notice a drastic change in sugar management.
3. For numbness due to neuropathy give a warm oil (sesame: Til oil) massage to your body.
4. Ashwagandha and Shilajit are available in almost all Ayurvedic stores separately and in mixed form also. Patanjali chikitsalaya has it as "ashwashila" capsule form. Quality wise I trust Patanjali and Dhootpaapeshwar as I am using ayurvedic preparations of these two companies. I also suffered badly of Sciatica and to my surprise where I was told to go for surgery and when I checked with may patients who had gone thru surgery it returned back in most of the cases after few years. I have been cured permanently by Ayurvedic treatment and run for 1 hour daily whereas few days back I was not able to stand for more than 5 minutes.

Regards more  
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