Parkinson and Alzheimers, Schizoprenia

Any suggestions for the diseases: Parkinson and Alzheimers, Schizoprenia. Please advise. more  

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By all means Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease are condition that are gradually progressive. At best they can be slowed down and treated so that a person may be symptomatically free and more independent.

I have been posting some resources in the Neurology group. Will share the links here-

For any further information feel free to contact with more specific details that may be needed to ascertain the diagnosis in the first place. more  
Parkinsons and Alzamiers are curable by urine therapy.. As far as I know thee afre 4 Urine Therapists in India. Dr. Jagdish Bhurani in Bengluru, Sri Sunil Munot in Kolkata, Dr. Chanchalmal Choradia in Jodhpur. and myself.. Because of age, 85 years I do not give line of treatment on mail. Patient should PHONE ME ON 9619439665. I DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEE.. My website is Diseases mentioned above are dur to some clot in tbe brain function. This can be cured by U.T. In allopathy LIKE BIBLE OR GITmuscular a=distrophe is INCURABLE. oNE 8 YEAR BOY OF pATNA HAS SHOWN SATISFACTORY IMPROVEMENT BY BY INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTIONS OF PATIENT'S OWN URINE INJECTION. THERE IS LOT OF RESEARCH INFORMATION ON URINE INJECTION IN THE BOOK "YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE" BY mARTHA cHRISTY.. IF THIS BOOK IS NOT AVAILABLE, I CAN SEND BY REGISTERED POST @ 175 + 25 POSTAGE CHARGE. FOR DOCTORS AND PATIENTS PERSONS INTERESTED IN HEALTH, IS LIKEPEATE BIBLE OR BHAGWAD GITA. NEARLY 200 PERSONS HAVE TAKEN THIS BOOK FROM ME.
E& OE.
DINESH DOSHI MUMBAI 53 9619439665 more  
What has helped one of my family members is Ayurveda, yoga, meditations and Sudershan Kriya taught by Art of Living. more  
As per Dr.Khadar Vali who is a well known expert on Health & Food and Sceintist (in consuming Kashayam's[Herbal Decoction] & Millets diet) and father of Jungle Farming, following is the preferred diet to get cured of Alzheimer's/Parkinson's disease.
1) Early morning with empty stomach, need to have below mentioned Kashayam's.
a) 1st week- Turmeric Kashayam
b) 2nd week - Ginger Kashayam
c) 3rd week - Common rue - Ruta Graveolens kashayam
d) 4th week - drumstick leaves kashyam

And then Repeat the same kashayms from a) to d) from 5th week on wards
2) Need to have following lunch & dinner
a) For 1st two days- Foxtail Rice Food
b) For next 1 day - Little Millet Rice Food
c) For next 1 day - Branyard Millet Rice Food
d) Next 2 days - Browtop Millet Rice Food
And then Repeat the same food from a) to d) from 7th day on wards
Apart from this, also consume, Organic Coconut oil/ Groundnut oil/ Sap flower oil – 2 to 3 spoons full a day.
Refer to the book attached for more information and you could also watch many videos in You Tube . Here is a sample Youtube video
most of his videos are either in Telugu or Kannada but very less are in English.
Hope you benefit from the information given above. more  
Helpful information, does it apply for patients who have little advanced parkinson more  
Ropark 0.25 mg tablet use, but must contact doctor before use it, and do exercise long joints shoulder, hip , work longer steps etc. If you want to contact me 9331749927 more  
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