Palm Oil promotion is misplaced

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali group-led Ruchi Soya plans to start palm oil plantations in Assam, Tripura and other North-Eastern states.The oil processor which was taken over by the Patanjali group two years back after it slipped into the red has already done field surveys for the palm oil plantations which will be set up through contracts that guarantee farmers a buy-back by Ruchi Soya’s processing plants to be set up in those states.

Govt is promoting this while palm oil is the worst of all oils. It is extremely unhealthy and not recommended to be used. This is bad decision by Govt to promote palm oil farming more  

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Yes rather Palm oil should be banned from use in food products more  
When I had the first heart attack in 1991 the Cardiologist opined that being a Keralite I am using coconut oil which increases the bad cholesterol and warned my wife that she should switch over to palm oil or Sunflower Oil. She being a North Indian(we married in 1970) told the cardiologist that we were using Dalda or other vegetable oil. Now another cardiologist told me that Coconut oil is best for heart. From my childhood we were using coconut oil till I left home looking for work. My father passed away at the age of 85 as a Kerala SRTC bus hit him on his back. My mother passed away at the age of 97 and my aunt at the age of 100 years and 7 days. They lived in Kerala since birth and we had over 150 coconut trees which is used to make cold pressed coconut oil. Ground nut oil was only used to light lamps. All these "scientific" research are conducted by vested interests to gain market acceptance. Every one knows the Liquor and cigarettes are bad for health. Why the author did not ask the Government to shut down all the distilleries and breweries in the country? Why they are not banning cultivation of Tobacco? The scientists proved it a million times. May be they should do some research and declare mustard oil is dangerous and declare banning it in West Bengal and part of Orissa and Bihar? Can they? I doubt such posts are from "paid soldiers" of business groups to tarnish the image of the government or some business houses. I pity these unethical people who are for sale. Or it might be a plan to give employment to those who do not have any skills except present papers who pay them. more  
In kerala it has already started,Oil Palm India and Plantation Corporation of Kerala coolaborating in One or 2 districts. Couple of districts more are to be roped in, like palakkad and Wynad. The idea is to take the share of land from Rubber Estates. more  
When palm oil is proven to be unhealthy and harmful, its difficult to understand as to why the government is after its promotion and its plantation in India when we have large number of alternatives to produce healthy edible oil. on the contrary, we should gradually reduce our dependence of this harmful substance and in the near future totally stop its import even. However, the medical science itself is divided in deciding as to which edible oil is healthy and which one is not. Some one recommends to avoid consumption of refined oils citing several side affects but soyabin, sun flower, rice bran like oils without refining are just like crude oil and unfit for humane consumption. Recently, it was mentioned in one write up that mustered oil is the best to consume among the oils available in our markets. In our early age also we had no alternative but to confine in mustered oil extracted in ghanies manually and we were fine. Notably, palm oil is largely & mostly used in the packaged foods available in our markets and sudden hike in edible oil prices in India is largely because of suspension/reduction of palm oil import from Malayasia since couple of years because of some political issues between the two nations. Another important point is that being palm oil without any flavor of its own, its very convenient to mix it up with other oils of higher cost and it can't be ruled out that we are consuming it through the oil of our choice despite taking required precautions to avoid it, as our people are masters in adulteration. more  
It's rather amusing to hardly find in the long list of edible oils any mention of the good old "mustard oil" which was the ONE oil known to us in our childhood. This oil is not even discussed any more. more  
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