Packaged Commodities Rule

Dear ms Saritha, the Packaged commodities rule says,, as follows;
Rule 6(1A) –Whether it is necessary to declare the name of person in charge of consumer care cell –

It is clarified that declaration of designation of the person in charge of consumer care cell is deemed compliance of this Rule .

It is also clarified that where the manufacturer has no separate address for the consumer care cell, declaration of designation of the person (in charge of consumer care cell ) / the name of office (Consumer care cell, consumer complaint cell etc.,) ,telephone number and if available , e mail address along with name & address of manufacturer required under Rule 6(1) and mention on the package to this effect is deemed compliance of this Rule .

3) Rule 6(1B)-Whether declarations required under the Rules can be made in one label and affixed on the package.

It is clarified that the provisions of the Rules prohibit affixing of stickers for making or altering inpidual declaration. There is no bar on affixing a label containing all the declarations required under the Rules.

4) Rule 9(3)-The intent of the provision be explained

It is clarified that when a package has two wrappings, inner and outer , what is of concern to the consumer is outer wrapper . So there is no purpose of giving all declarations on inner wrapper.

Similarly, the FSSAI under rule 23 emphasises the provision of contact details for the consumer.

Hope , I have clarrified your doubts. more  

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There must be an enforcement authority to get the complaint redressed. more  
There are some departments no one know their existence except themselves. The location of such offices also not traceable easily. Periodically they may show their existence by giving information to public through news papers and advertisements about how to avail their services. Their contact numbers be displayed prominently at appropriate places. more  
Anyone can make out a rule. But its implementation and effective management is the challenge. With the digital India initiative, the rules can be made available online and its effectiveness can be shared with the people in general, motivating them to feedback their appreciations and/or regiatering their grievances to make the rule more effective and socially contributing. Thanks more  
We in India are good law and Rule makers . But when it comes to Implementation , the authorities duck from their responsibility . It is here that the 2 valuable tips by Anatharaman and Raj Arora should play a vital role . So long we were not aware of the rules till Krishnan took the interest to inform us . Now with this back ground we can assert our rights backed by the rules . Now we also know that working telephone number and other contact details of the official in charge of customer care should be on the label . This should be sufficient to check the anomaly by the consumer. more  
Nicely explained. How about proper implementation. more  
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