Organic Rice (most) have high metals/pesticides

A recent study from CERC consumer center tested organic rice brands. 6/7 of them had high levels of pesticide and heavy metals. Feel FSSAI should share test results of the 5-6 common rice brands so we can be assured of the fact that we arent consuming such dangerous adulterants or contaminants. more  

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FSSAI is blot on govt. more  
Respect sir I observe that in all over of india have no any one regulatory authority for fixing/grat to sale price of cosmetic and beautician for the manufacture product industries. Due to in respect all seller / distributor or manufactures are free to charged very high profit in these products. so i request you to please make the necessary steps for the same. so that all are our nation consumer earn benefit to consumed on real rate basis on all such producs Manikesh Chaturvedi 8882221888 more  
Children below a certain age be given subsidized pure milk for better nutrition. more  
With increase in population and thus reducing proximity to farmlands from normal human activities, it has become virtually impossible to keep the farmlands from various polluting media - whether air-borne or water-borne. Further a number of studies/reports reveal that so-called 'Organic' food materials may not be really 'organic', and many of the 'organics' do not prove to be a really a superior, compared to their 'non-organic' products. A recent research paper suggests that soaking rice for 5-6 hrs in water, discarding the water, rubbing the rice in water and discrding the water - until the wash water is clear and then cooking the rice with 5-6 times the weight of rice and discarding the liquid - makes the rice practically free from all such stubborn pollutants (like arsenic). more  
these retailers utter the word organioc and since you have to pay premium for organic another way of making money We cant trust our people to be honest except in exceptional cases.. there is nothing that measures quality and stringent action or no scope of suing huge amounts .. the judges never look what affect it would have on society how its cheated the trust of people... how people's hard earned money was misled on this.. when all this come into picture the compensation becomes huge either you pay huge amount or you shut shop as in western countries but this is never the case in India.. the case drag on for years more  
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