Organic and Yogic Farming, from providing Crop Insurance .... to..... Save Farming( and Farmers)

We come across various posts about various scientists/doctors suggesting about organic food as a solution of many many diseases.... Does our govt. (center or state ) have any plans to promote Organic Farming. Further organisation like Bhramakumaris are talking about Yogic Farming that help farmers by providing higher yields etc.
Scientist like Rajiv Dixit has talked about using cow/ox urine and dung as pesticides(ORGANIC or Chemical Less PESTICIDES)..
In the market we are now getting milk that is said to be of Desi Breeds Cow and those cow eats organically grown feeds / grass etc.

Further about BIS standards, are/will there be any standards that will help consumers identify if the packed food items are REALLY ORGANIC ???? or the companies simply using the word ORGANIC just as a marketing term ? more  

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This is another way of Looting the gullible more  
Testing and certification of organic food costs much more than food itself. We should stop making fuss about these things to ape rest of the world. The organic business is only leading to unfair practices and more cheating by vendors. Our produce are reasonably organic I feel. more  
As per my knowledge, we have a very small percentage area of agricultural land under organic farming, production is very less in comparison to traditional farming. Oragnic food items are very expensive. In a big country like India, it's really very difficult to plan such massive transmission to a new technology. Farmers are already distressed because of drought and short rainfall. Water source & supply system still are not adequate. Doctors & others may be advising on commercial interest but organic food is less harmful and not fully protecting anyone from getting affected by any disease. There are a good no. of studies and published reports available in Myshore University and ICRIER New Delhi and take an opportunity to go through the documents. Traditional fertilisers are certainly better tha chemical fertiliser but productivity may be low. more  
Forget about planning of Government (Center/State) which has no time even for Farmers which we all witnessed when the crop growing farmers came marching to Delhi. However it is the greed of people which is to be blamed as the earth too needs rest. If you continuously and constantly keep sowing....the earth is sure to run out of its fertility elements. Chemicals replacing the earlier tried methods have only increased mortality rate which now has given medical sector a chance to increase their earnings. A few organic products available at the Super Markets Chain stores are priced almost double of the ordinarily supplied branded goods. I often visit "SAFAL" which is Mother Dairy's intervention in Fruits and Vegetables. I found that the quality of Onions & Potatoes have been very bad. The loose ones are so bad that you have to sort and pick from the heap. They promote more of pre-packed ones where also there is quality issues. Delhi people are now more dependent on the weekly bazaars for their vegetable supplies. more  
BIS standards is just a specification and it can not identify, whether the foot is organic or not. FSSAI should take care of this, while issuing certificate. more  
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