Online sellers are buying reviews

See attached friends. I remember localcircles feedback playing big role in how online reviews and ratings should work in India and yet we have no enforcement.

See how online sellers on amazon are incentivising users to give them a good review. Why cant amazon issue a warning and if not compliant black list them. more  

I had also received such an offer.I don't remember neither the product nor the vendor. Quite a few months ( possibly more than 6 months) since had elapsed. Neither a purchaser should be lured with such offers, nor the purchaser should get lured by such offers. more  
Does this mean that I should stop appreciation of genuine products delivered to me according to my convenience? Products are from distant places like Nilgiris/ Gujrat/Rajasthan.. I am a regular shopper at and subscibed to Amazon Prime to get faster delivery/watch OTT. Delivery personnel are well behaved and I am surprized by the contrast between workers who are working in colonies,having bullying spirit because of demand and supply between lesser numbers of households vs. huge numbers of workers,ready to move to next household after slapping false charges of being abused or paid less etc.etc. If Amazon delivery personnel who is well behaved but living in same unauthorised colonies but does his job well,and Amazon asks me to give reviews, I give 5 stars to the person,who never asks to review him,few stars to the product and easy returns if needed. I depend upon reviews and wish same for everyone to have Trust Factor. Everyone Does Not Carry Price Tag. Look around and Feel for yourself,about tons of People who Can be Purchased behaving like Commodities. more  
Such tactics should be reported to Amazon and the like and they should remove such product from their sell items. more  
For a Descaling powder product I bought via Amazon, seller provided a slip in the package that said provide 5 star rating and get Rs.100 cashback. That made me realize the reason for quite a high rating for this product because people who got this product provided 5 star rating to get Rs.100 cashback, which I think was unfair. Such act by sellers should be stopped as this would give a misleading and untrue picture of ratings/review of products, which many customers like me look at, before purchasing the product. I did not give 5 star rating because some pieces in the packet were not proper. Even if it was, I wouldn't have still given 5 star rating for such a cheap tactic by seller. This very act shows that this seller do not have belief in the quality of the product. Such sellers should be exposed and e-commerce platform should not encourage such sellers. more  
Never happened to me who have been shopping online through and been a prime member too. Sometimes the product is not upto the mark and within 10 days,product can be returned and cash back added to my account. I have purchased bottle to be fitted on Oxygen Concentrator, Taps and other products for which Home delivery has saved my time,efforts to drive to markets,face traffic jams/parking issues etc.
Reviews are bought is still unbelievable because today I got vegetables,fruits,fresh bread,eggs delivered at my door via Amazon Fresh.
BTW,rivals under garb of giving us fresh vegetables/fruits are charging for package charges and they are using plastic packets.
Amazon boys have a huge bag to keep the stuff which does not need packaging and these items are handed over. Other items like vegetables/fruits etc are packed in paper bags.
Decide for yourself about which vendor is being being Environment Friendly?
Please Do Not Make LC forum as Newschanel renowned for creating-Breaking News more  
They have just asked for feedback, there's no compulsion to give a high rating in return for incentive. Online sellers too don't have it easy. more  
If they simply said give a feedback to encourage people to give feedback about their product and get a cashback, it is ok. But stating that you give a min. rating of 4 to get cashback is something that should not be encouraged. Even if 50% of people get lured by cashback offer and give the rating as mentioned by seller, it could give a misleading information about the quality of the product based on reviews posted by such customers against this product. Particularly, when such offers are provided against products that come up with no replacement option, some customers could prefer to get at least cashback amount. more  
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