Ola bluntly cheating customers!!

I booked an outstation Ola cab 2 days in advance for return trip from Delhi to Hissar starting to be picked up at 8 AM on 09 February 2019 and to return by 3 PM on 10 February 2019. The estimate fare was shown as Rs 4538/-. And at 7.45 AM when I checked the Ola app for vehicle particulars which is released one hour before the journey, I found that the driver had cancelled the trip. On being contacted, customer care asked me to rebook the cab. I did the rebooking and this time the earliest pick up time that I could select was shown as 9.45 AM thereby delaying the trip by 1 hour and 45 minutes. I selected 9.45 AM as departure time and 5 PM as return time. Though I was to return earlier, but after checking various return times, I realised that the estimate fare continues to remain constant till 5 PM and so I selected 5 PM to prevent over charges. The estimate travel distance was shown as 379 Kms and estimate fare was shown as Rs 4612 (all inclusive as per their rate card). Incidentally, “makemytrip” was showing a fare of aprox Rs 4800/- for the same trip. That time I didnt take snapshot but similar trip now also on makemytrip shows it as Rs 4799/- Snapshot attached.

I proceeded with the journey and used the vehicle for additional 15 Kms at Hissar for the work there. I returned by 3 PM (which was two hour earlier than the time selected) due to traffic in Delhi. And then I was surprised to see the bill showing Rs 6531/-. When I checked the details it showed the breakdown as : -
Base fare (for 235 Km) – Rs 2595.98
Additional Distance Charges (158 Kms) – Rs 1738/-
Additional Time Charges (12 Hours) – Rs 1440/-
Night time allowance – Rs 150/-
Driver Allowance (2 days) – Rs 400/-
Taxes – Rs 435.62
Play Convenience Fee – Rs 20/-
Coupon - -250/- (Minus)
Total Rs 6531/-

I called up the customer care and they told me that they cant see the return time selected by me but the app had calculated the trip time as 17 hours and hence has taken 12 hours as extra. He confirmed that the earlier trip was selected for 1 day and 7 hours which was cancelled by the driver for which I had to re select the trip and also accepted that the fare difference between 17 hours trip and 1 day 7 hours trip was only about Rs 200/-. The same can be checked from the snapshots of their app for similar trip now as attached. I told him that there was some problem with your app since the customer does not select or calculate the total time of the trip but only selects the departure and return time which is converted into running time by the app. And since my requirement was of over one day, which is clear from the earlier trip which was cancelled from their end resulting in need of re booking the trip, and also the fact that there is hardly any fare difference between 17 hours and 1 day 7 hours, it does not stand to logic why would I be selecting 17 hours. On the other hand, I proved it to them that the app has some problem because it is calculating base fare for 235 Kms for Hissar return trip which it can not be since Hissar one way is about 185 Kms. I tried all channels for discussions for about four hours. But they wouldnt listen and continued insisting that I have to pay Rs 6531/-. I refused to pay the amount and now they have withheld the drivers money. The driver was a nice person and I dont want him to be penalized for no fault of his but also dont want Ola to take the customers for a ride. If I dont challenge them, tomorrow they will make it a routine to cheat customers. And we have nowhere to go except Ola or Uber.

Can some learned friend advise further course of action without the driver suffering? I feel we, as active citizens, need to take some action before the only two online taxi service providers ie Ola and Uber start bluntly cheating us like this. more  

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Today I had booked an auto for a short distance in Bangalore and the fare is Rs 51/-after alighting at the destination my wife she paid the amount.
1.After this the malpractice starts.
2. When I go to the past rides,the tripshows it is ongoing whereas I confirmed from my wife that she has reached destination and the trip is completed whereas it is in the app it shows "ongoing."
3.First msg comes thanking me for having chosen post paid,which I have not done.
4.Finally the bolt from Blue comes from OLA( the ongoing sign goes off) and the bill is for Rs 440 because some other person has engaged same driver for another trip which is added to our trip of Rs51.This is being shown as amt due in post paid account which they have opened on their own without my signing for it.
5.I tried to contact customer care and it is always engaged.On two occasions it was ringing but nobody picks up.
6.For all the malfunctioning of their app,we are taken for a ride!
8.What a lovely day I had thanks to OLA
9.Will someone take note and help us to discipline OLA and compensate us for loss of unproductive time on such pursuits.
10. I as a senior citizen would like to have a peaceful time and these people are haressing us like this. more  
Either there are some serious bugs in Ola software or they are deliberately cheating the customers. I have stopped using Ola. I suggest you too can send an email explaining the issue for one last time and explaining your unwillingness to pay more than your share. Please explain that you are willing to pay Rs 51/- as valid fare if they correct the bill. And thereafter I suggest stop using Ola till such time they correct the bill and except their mistake. Local autos are far better. And if you have to go for online auto booking only, then I found Uber much better though they too haven't got a customer care helpline no and customer can feel very helpless if there are any issues. more  
Sir, I have not paid to any amount to Ola after ensuring that the driver got paid his dues. However, I am thinking of paying a fair amount now.

If I approach consumer forum, I will have to hire a lawyer and shell out hefty amount. On the other hand, if I don't pay, then I guess Ola will have to approach for legal recourse and then I can reply accordingly.

But I am confused as to what course of action should I take? Can I please be suggested the best possible course of action in the given circumstances?

I have never approached consumer forum ever. Can I also be suggested some sincere and competent lawyer to fight for justice?

Ashok more  
There should be a third party arbitrator for such grievience. more  
MORAL OF THE STORY IS .. do not use Uber or Ola for Outstation Travel .. Period !!!!
Just google for Local Taxis for Outstation Travel & book the nearest Physical One ..
Or better still, depend on the Homegrown Favourites MMT or Savaari etc. as they are much much more Dependable .... more  
OLA & UBER दोनों इस समय अंधेर मचा रहे हैं। उनके टैक्सी ड्राइवर booking को
कैंसल कर देते हैं , लेकिन वो अपने टैक्सी ड्राइवर को दंड नहीं देते।लगातार
तीन तीन चार चार bookings ड्राइवर द्वारा cancell कर दी जाती हैं ,और उनका
customer केयर कहता है , आप फिर से बुक कर लो , गाड़ी का ऑप्शन बदल कर book कर
लो। इस चक्कर में आधा पौन घंटा बीत जाता है और आप को वही दूरी अब ज्यादा पैसे
दे कर तय करनी पड़ेगी। कस्टमर केयर आपकी मदद नहीं करता , बल्कि परेशानी बढ़ा
देता है।बंगलौर में जब हम ड्राइवर के cancellations से परेशान थे, तो पडोसी
ने बताया ड्राइवर को बोलो हम extra दे देंगे तो वो आ जायेगा , और यही हुआ भी।
उबेर और ओला में आप शिकायत करो तो कुछ नहीं होता। ड्राइवर और OLA &
UBER दोनों मिल कर जनता को लूट रहे हैं। अब साधारण टैक्सी / ऑटो वाला भी समझ
गया है , तो वो इन एजेंसियों पर किराया देख कर आपसे पैसे मांगता है, कुछ कहने
पर बोलता है ,OLA /UBER बुक करा लो , जब वो नहीं आएगा तो आप हमारे पास आ
ड्राइवर अपनी मर्जी से रुट बदल देता है , ज्यादा बिल आने पर शिकायत करो तो कहा
जाता है ,आपने रुट बदलवाया था , इसलिए किराया ज्यादा आया है।
अब तो यही लगने लगा है कि ola /uber से अच्छे तो आम auto / taxi वाले हैं,
भले ही मीटर से न चलें परन्तु और ठगी तो नहीं करते हैं।
हम सबको OLA & UBER के खिलाफ शिकायत करनी चाहिये और हर समय इनको book करने
की बजाये साधारण auto / taxi से जाना चाहिये। जहाँ तक संभव हो इनका boycott
करना चाहिए।

सुबोध कुमार भार्गव

On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 2:27 PM Ashok Kumar Kuwar <connect@localcircles.info>

> more  
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