OKRA Bhindi kills 72% of cancer cells


Along with being tasty, okra offers a wide array of health benefits. Recent research investigating the anti-cancer properties of okra has discovered that it may be a powerful ally in fighting this dreaded disease.

A new Brazilian study published earlier this year in the journal Biology Letters found that a lectin found in okra killed up to 72 percent of human breast cancer cells in an in vitro setting, primarily by the induction of apoptosis – the programmed cell death of tumor cells. The researchers also found that this particular lectin, found in the seeds of the okra, slowed the growth of the breast cancer cells by 63 percent.

Regarding their results, the researchers wrote, “AEL [Abelmoschus esculentus] in its native form promotes selective antitumor effects in human breast cancer cells and may represent a potential therapeutic to combat human breast cancer.”

An earlier study, performed in 2010 by French and Dutch researchers and published in the journal Phytotherapy Research, found that a pectin in okra, which naturally occurs just under the skin of the pods, was highly effective in destroying “highly metastatic” mouse melanoma cells.

The pectin was found to slow the growth of the cells by 75 percent after a 48-hour treatment period. It was also found to multiply the apoptosis rate of the cells by a whopping 23 times.

The antioxidant compounds found in okra, including a rich amount of vitamin A, beta carotene and lutein, can also be a major player in cancer prevention. Okra is also high in vitamins C and K, several B vitamins, and the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese, and contains a fair amount of protein and heart-healthy potassium. more  

Many thanks Chakresh ji for this educative information. more  
Brij Gupta ji;
The name okra is most often used in the United States, and Philippines with a variant pronunciation, English Caribbean okro. The word okra is of Nigerian origin and is cognate with ọkwurụ in the Igbo language spoken in Nigeria.[2] Okra is often known as "lady's fingers" outside of Africa.[3] In various Bantu languages, okra is called kingombo or a variant thereof,[citation needed] and this is the origin of its name in Portuguese (quiabo), Spanish (quimbombó or guigambó), Dutch[citation needed] and French (gombo), and also possibly of the name "gumbo", used in parts of the United States and English-speaking Caribbean for either the vegetable or a stew based on it.[4] In India and Pakistan, and often in the United Kingdom, it is called by its Hindi/Urdu name, bhindi, bhendi, bendai or bhinda. In Bangladesh and West Bengal, India it is called dherosh. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, India it is called vendai kai. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, India it is called bende kayi. In Assam it is called Bhendi in Assamese language. In Odisha it is called "Bhendi" (ଭେଂଡି). In China, it is called qiu kui. In the Middle East (in Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Greek and Turkish), it is called bamia or bamyeh. In Bosnia and Herzegovina it is called bamija. In the Dominican Republic, it is called molondron.
for more details please follow http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okra you will find there is no difference reported here or outside india naturally soil and climate may make it vary in taste or minor shape but even taht is not reported in images
http://www.tajagroproducts.com/Bhendi%20seeds.html more  
Okra available outside India has a different appearance and different taste as compared to Bhindi available in India. Chakresh ji, can you please highlight the difference between the two in terms of food value and other properties. more  
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