Fat in take definitely leads mainly to Obesity (and other also), Dietary Fat and Obesity are contributing Factors FOR Diabetes.

Talking about reversing the trend :

Modified Life style consisting of Daily walk and / or Exercise with Good rest and sleep.
This is a general Formula, and nothing ambiguous about it unless there are other parameters.
A Webinar on the topic opens our eyes to the various facts and equations TO ADD LIFE TO YEARS. more  

Yogasana, Pranayama are practices, that will maintain perfect health preventing all diseases when practiced regularly. Once we allow the situation to reach advanced stages, we may have to resort to Modern surgery only.Mr. V.S.M.Maddala ha srightly said about the final resort for Obesity. more  
Ms. Deenaz, the basic and well known exercise to control diabetes and insulin intake is to take a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. It also includes the steps taken at home to fetch our own coffee, and doing household chores. say about 2,000 steps at home and the balance outside at the park or suitable place. EXERCISES FOR THE NOT SO YOUNG CAN START FROM THE BED BEFORE GETTING DOWN IN THE MORNING WITH LEG STRETCHING. i) Sway the feet together left and right . ii) Stretch feet well front back iii0 Rotate feet together clockwise, then anti clockwise. Iv) Fold each leg separately to the bottom v) Try with both legs. It is difficult, but include slowly. Start with 10 repetitions increasing every week. These are simple ones, so you can go up to 20, 30 reps also. After wash and all go for walk. 10,000 steps will be roughly be 17,000 feet to 20,000 depending on the stride length. That is 5 to 6 km. First start of counting the steps at home also. Later start doing the 5 KM STEADY WALK IN A PARK OR ANY SAFE PATHWAY WITHOUT CONVERSATION . Initially it may take about an hour. If one hour is too strenuous divide between morning and evening. Or one part spot walk at home or Terrace. As for Asanas, most bending Asanas will massage & stimulate the Pancreas. As Mr.P. Anantharaman suggested Manduhka asana is good. Start of with the simple one as in the attached link . In addition to improving Pancreatic functions, it also massages the essential body parts in the abdomen. strengthens the back. https://www.sarvyoga.com/mandukasana-frog-pose-steps-and-benefits/ more  
Can you teach me some simple exercises Jayakumar please for reducing diabetes and overall weight. Thank you, more  
Many people feel,by taking medicines all illness can be controlled. Many natural therapies could do wonders not only for DIABETES but for other serious illness also. Mr. Danial himself is an YOGA expert, suggestions for performing yoga and asanas can be had from him. MANDUKASANA, MAHADANDH if performed as per direction of an expert, many serious sickness viz: DIABETES Indigestion, piles All abdominal issues Chest and lungs congestion Blood pressure, hypertension Blood circulation,generation of oxygen Etc.etc. SURYANAMASKAR is considered as master if all exercises,if performed correctly. Many health experts are members in this platform, who can render their services to the needy ones. more  
Dear Sir, The relationship between Obesity and Diabetes is well documented but not positive. Obesity can cause Type 2 diabetes. However, bariatric surgery is the last and unavoidable step for even Obese people and may help in Diabetes too, to the best of my limited knowledge. more  
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