No jaggery for diabetics either

To everyone who enthusiastically comments replace normal sugar with jaggery in tea for diabetes, NO. That doesn't stop blood sugar from rising. It's a better option than refined sugar for non diabetic people. For diabetics, sugar, jaggery, honey, dates all elevate blood sugars more  

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Public does not require un-invited suggestions. It should come from the authorised government organisations. more  
I am diabetic and use stevia instead of sugar. It is a natural substance produced in South America and very good. However, I wish to inform all that fructose does not bring up the blood sugar much. I have a blood sugar monitor and have experimented on myself. I took pomegranate juice, one glass and checked my blood sugar after two hours. It went up very slightly. But Sneha is right in bringing up this issue. Honey makes your blood sugars rise extremely high. Citrus fruits are good, but bananas, pineapples and chicoos need to be avoided at all costs. I salute Mr. J. Rao for his strict discipline in food control, however, my system is such that I need half a cup of rice in the afternoons or my intestines go for a toss. White bread is bad and so are jaggery, refined sugar. Palm oil is bad too. more  
Absolutely Right that JAGGERY is not a substitute of SUGAR but Food Safety department do not take action against the Food Processor who violates FSSA by highlighting NO ADDED SUGAR for product using JAGGERY . Recent advertisement on TV is CHAWAN PARYASH. I have already file two complaints in consumer court, Ludhiana for highlighting NO ADDED SUGAR for JAGGERY and other one is SUGAR-FREE Product using FRUCTOSE and waiting outcome of Court order. Moreover FSSAI has issued a regulation on Advertisement and Claims where it has specified that NO ADDED SUGAR can not be claimed where MONO SACCHARIDES(Glucose & Fructose) or DI-SACHHARIDES(Sucrose) are Used. more  
A useful post that spurred us to come out with several comments withe reference to Diabetes. Diabetes is one of the co morbidities in Covid19 that throws a big challenge in recovery and survival. Once the lung tissue in infected and pneumonitis sets in, oxygen concentration fluctuates so much depending on the treatment and care. In the light of this actor the Glycemic Index comes into picture.( Glycemic index is a scale that ranks the number of carbohydrates in foodsreatment from zero to 100, indicating how quickly a food causes a person's blood sugar ) THE GLYCEMIC INDEX (GI) OF REFINED, RAW, AND UNREFINED CANE SUGARS ARE NOT MUCH DIFFERENT as shown : GI refined white sugars (powdered, ultrafine, superfine, caster): 64±4 GI brown sugars (unrefined, raw, refined): 62±2 GI raw sugars (organic white and brown, turbinado, demerara): 62±2 GI syrups (golden syrup, simple syrup, cane syrup, liquid raw sugar): 62±3 GI molasses (mild, dark, blackstrap, traditional): 62±1 So it is left to us how much we consume. I remember 2 of my good friends who were overweight one 80 KG (BMI 31), the other 86 kg (BMI 33). They were Avid coffee drinkers with creamy milk and sugar. 2 cups in the morning and 1 in the evening. iEarly diabetics. Dr.s and dieticins adviced them to reduce sugar and creamy milk. The second one dropped both and stuck only to coffee decoction. In months he came down to 78 FROM 86 with a decent BMI. The oter dropped sugar but replaced with toned milk.In 6 months he was also rewarded with a 5 KG drop. So we also have to be aware of the levels periodically at least for a month. more  
Thanks to Mr Daniel for his interesting findings. more  
Even though Diabetis is a disease, the intensity of the disease varies largely. I'm also diagnosed as Diabetic more than two years back n was prescribed to take life long medicine to control sugar. But I'm strictly following a changed diet, avoiding rice n wheat n depending largely on ragi, jola n millets. So far, I've not taken any prescribed medicine n checking my sugar levels once in 3 months from lab n gradually improving almost normal now. Of course, I'm living Naturopathy life style largely. I believe n the Naturopsthy science also believes that all these items like jaggery, certain fruits mainly like mangoes, jack fruit, dates, plantains etc. do contain high sugar n hence not recommended for Diabetics. However other fruits like oranges n other citrus fruits, papaya, guava etc. r recommended. Depending on intensity, I opine, even diabetics can consume in small quantities of jaggery or fruits like dates, plantains etc. if their sugar levels r well under control. Some physical activity will certainly help to burn the sugar so consumed. If not under control, I opine, it is better to avoid such stuff. In any case, once diagnosed, they should keep periodically checking their sugar levels once in a month or once in three months depending on their symptoms, whether or not taking the daily medicines as prescribed. more  
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