neglected issues of the old and poor.

why govt is not giving concession to senior citizens on rail tickets?
why bed rolls not being provided when corona problem is nearly over.
why bank interests are not increased. 0.5% / annum extra for
senior citizens?
who is being benifitted from this?
industrialists / businessman or the poor .
how a senior citizen can survive on such lowest interest rates?
only 0.5% extra?
why indusrial development and business has not flourised well ,after getting funds on such low interest.

so many qustions are there?
why minimum pension issue is pending from decades.?
strange, Rs 1000/ month is max pension( epf) for those who retired before scheme.
why social media is silent on such issues? more  

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Who is bothered.Fight your own battle if u want to survive. more  
I think Modi Govt is least bothered about the welfare of Senior Citizens, specially Non Pensioners. Compare the interest rates before 2014 and in 2021. See the Inflation from 2014 to 2021 and see the Real Income of Senior Citizens has been reduced to say 50%. We are around 13 Crore Voter as Senior Citizen out of 94 Crore Voters. Either We boycot Voting or take our grievience thru Media or Catch Senior NDA Leader. Some thing has to be done otherwise our Survival will be difficult. All these Politicians and Burocrates are Drawing Huge Pension, so they will not feel the Pinch. more  
Govt. should save money from mindless freebies/wasteful expenditure to allow benefits to Sr. citizens whose income from all sources is below Rs.30,000/- p.m. The pensions should be capped at Rs.50,000/- p.m. be it President or PM as this amount is sufficient for an old couple. Wastage on account of security and freebies to about 6 lac VIPs be curtailed by 70% and the number be reduced to 100 as India is a poor country and can ill afford luxuries to a selected few for generations. Take the example of Rajiv Gandhi family. Even son in law and daughter, grand children were provided Govt. Bunglow, Z+ security etc. Low interest rate benefit SMEs, farmers and small borrowers, if they opt to repay the loan with interest. But over the years, it has become a fashion to raise loans in excess of requirement and after 3-4 months become "bankrupt'. SMEs are biggest employers and borrowers in India hence their writ prevails on Govt. Only non-pensioners should be allowed higher interest rate by 2% if their income from all sources is below Rs.30,000/-. more  
Everyone to strongly support this more  
Senior Citizens are of no use to Ruling Party as they are not considered Vote Bank to allow them to Rule. This government is interested in largest vote bank i.e. Farmers. The steps taken to hurt the senior citizens: 1. Reduction in interest rate of welfare scheme SCSS2004 from 9.3% to 7.4%. Elections in West Bengal stopped further reduction to 6.5%. 2. 18% GST on members contribution towards common expenses in Cooperative Hsg. societies. 3. 18% GST on TV viewing. 4. Senior Citizen Concession in rail travel removed. more  
Sir, you know ,because sky is so high. So the ground reality of sr.citizens who have no pension, or other cards ,but who bothers? more  
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