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Hi All,

I want to know if any lady (and her son) are badly treated by husband, what all that lady can do, Where all she can complaint.

My Husband shouts at me and my son.
He is very rude person.I am from a good well respected family background.

He shouts at my son (small kid, age 8 years).

If I want to be separated from my husband and request him, my husband says son will live with me, you go whereever you want to go. He says police/lawyers cannot stop him.

I cannot live without son. Me and my son we both are suffering.

1. Is it the police department in which one should complaint?
How one should approach police or women association?.

2. Please share women association and Ghaziabad police contact number?

3. What all action police takes.

4. Looking for a good lawyer.

So far everything is under control. I am not taking any action, I just want to know answer of above 3 questions, so that whenever needed action can be taken and if I know the process then I can ateast warn him. That will help me a lot.

I want to live. My parents are with me but since they are aged, they cannot help much.

Looking forward for all of your help suggestions and support. more  

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Bharti - Are things OK now? more  
Your and your sons life is not worth this suffering. more  
Thanks Jagdish, I have saved your contact number.

I and my child got habit of the situation and we both cry and then ignore,
hoping that things will improve.
I am collecting this information in advance, so that if he goes more harsh,
then I can contact the right people to save myself and my child.
Thanks for the kind support. more  
Dear Bharti,

The situation is not that bad. Under the Domestic Violence Act, your rights are protected. Dont panic. Heavens are not going to fall if you complaint against him. Contact your local police station and file a written complaint. Copy to the area DCP. You can also send a copy to your husband's office if he is in a job.
This should set him right.
In case you need to move further, help is available. We will have to take the legal course. Dont worry about your son's custody. This will be taken care of.
You can speak to me at 9810238399 in the evening after 6 pm. more  
WELL BRIBE IS THERE. but media attention helps people move faster. my husband also bribed them, but perseverence helps. you can contact the senior police officers first. write a letter to the commissioner, with cc to DCP of your area. then they will take action. more  
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