Many UP schools still not following fee rules

LocalCircles survey says that UP has implemented a fee regulation act.

However please note that most DMs are not implementing it properly with private schools and I request localcircles to escalate this to the Chief Minister.

Little value in bringing a law which has no enforcement. How is this different from gutkha ban. more  

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The problem is that you want a society in which everyone is dependent upon government in one way or the other. For example, to decide how many children you should have. How much schools should charge to you for educating your children. Government cannot force someone to take loss to teach your children. They will shut the school and go away. If you want your children to go to a particular school, be ready to pay. If you do not like government schools, sorry. You are out of luck. If the rules and laws are against someone (like school management), they one will not follow. more  
Chandra Pandey, the issue here is non compliance of government rules and laws. No school can argue that they won't implement the rules, and if the parents do not like it, they can send their wards to some other school. Other schools too will behave in the same way. Where will the parents then send their ards for education? more  
Ms Nirmala Chauhan, non implementation of laws/rules is not limited to schools alone. For example, the government has passed a law for minimum wages, but no business concerns pay the minimum wages to the workers, and if the workers make any demands for the same, their services are summarily terminated. same is the case with minimum support price announced by the government for various farm produce, like wheat. Farmers are routinely forced to sell their farm produce for significantly lower prices. Problem with the middle class is, they feel agitated for things that hurt them directly; otherwise they have little sympathy or concern for other classes of society. more  
I think what is going on in the field of education is nothing except to deal with business which pleads corruption. A man who is intend to mental corruption has dare to send their childred in such convent schools whose terms and conditions are very complicated as well as their fee structure is very high. They pay this amount and after employment of their children, the childred and guardian both intend to receive back the high value of the amount already spent on such education which is not affordable easily by 90% citizen of our country. It is a natural phonomenon in the modern era. Such schools and education also promotes pollution which can not be explained here in detail. A modern convent school children attends the school by pollution producing sources from begining to end of his life of educaiton and thus it becomes habit for them and they can not travel either by bicycle or on foot for a little distasnce also. Thus further stage of their life is being led by creating pollution using four wheelers etc. Thus such shcools & their students beome the source of pollution and corruption both. It is the matter on practical ground and scientifically proved and can be seen and verified at any time and at any stage please. It is a very serious issue please. more  
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