Make India a secular state and save it from vote-bank seculars offering appeasements

Some suggestions to make India truly secular and save it from those following minority appeasement strategies.
1. Civil, criminal and personal law should be common for all the citizens.
2. All citizens should take an oath to uphold and adhere to the constitution and laws of India before being issued a voter card. Any activity in violation of the basic principles will result in losing the right to vote.
3. There should be no discrimination by the state based on religion, caste or sex; no special privileges will be given to anyone because of religion, caste or sex. All laws and rules that do not adhere to this principle shall be suspended/repealed forthwith.
4. Government (central or state) shall not interfere in the management of religious institutions and their activities as long as they abide by the law of the land. Any contravention of the law/rules will invite strict action. This includes anti-national exhortations, indulging in political activism and religious conversion by inducements, force or false preaching, illegal construction of places of worship, occupying public places for prayer without permission etc. Construction of places of worship will be subject to zoning laws and applicable rules for construction including the provision for amenities for worshipping public. They shall not cause inconvenience to public nor any type of pollution.
5. There shall be no holidays for religious events. Holidays will be restricted to national days and optional holidays up to 10 days in a year. If the majority of the workforce avails of a holiday for a particular festival making operation of the organisation untenable, then the employer can declare a holiday for everyone (to be considered as part of the 10 days); this will not apply to continuous processes, essential services etc where all employees may not be granted holidays for festivals as they desire.
6. No group or body of individuals whose objective is to promote the interests of a particular religion, caste or sex can form a political party. Any party indulging in soliciting votes promising special consideration on this basis will be disqualified from participating in the electoral process and their leaders given imprisonment with hard labour for life.
7. Central and state governments should stop all subsidies from government funds for travel to places of religious importance in India or abroad.
8. Courts will NOT have jurisdiction over religious beliefs, rituals and customs as long as they do not affect the safety, well-being and security of individuals and the society at large. more  

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Perhaps the Sengol transfer of power to India from the British dictatorship means that Bharat was meant to be Hindu Rashtra. Seems like some vested interests in high ranking positions instead imposed something else on the country which was in complete disconnect with the values of the Indian citizens at the time of independence. more  
We need drastic changes. 65+ years of Congress rule have made mess of every thing to stay in Power. "Govt Laws must be over and above your Personnel Laws." CAA and UCC must be implemented. Appeasement Politics must stop. Freebees must stop. Electoral requirement of a candidate need thorough Review. Pendency of cases must be reduced drastically. more  
समान आचार संघिता के बिना सेकूलर हिंदुस्तान की कल्पना भी नहीं की जा सकती है more  
Sanatan Dharam Rajya is a must for the world after Islamic countries, Christian countries, a Jewish state , this is for the world to get acquainted with the culture , values , religion , their language and various sciences and subjects the religion had researched , documented and had spread around the world many many centuries ago but now forgotten . This should be done for the benefit of the world not for just Hindus more  
Many of those who commented here seem to be in favour of a Hindu Rashtra, rather than a secular India (secularism itself being an imported concept). The only Hindu Kingdom of the world Nepal has now been taken over by godless communists. So Hindus of the world do require a homeland of their own, just like the Jews. So why be shy of establishing a Hindu state where Hindus will have all protection from persecution and vilifiers disenfranchised? more  
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