Loose motions with weight loss for 5 months

I have a history of ulcerative colitis and low platelets count since 2002.

After 8 years of unsatisfactory Allopathic treatment for ulcerative colitis, I started Ayurvedic treatment from a Vaid in Mumbai which was not systematic but as when the ulcerative colitis attack happened.

I used to contact him for treatment. I stopped all my Allopathic medicines, but ulcerative colitis attack used to recur once a year.

In July 1st week I suffered a bout of diarrhea. I took Ayurvedic medicines Kutajghan Vati and Gangadhar Churn and Bilwa Vati and the diarrhea stooped aftre 15 days but I lost almost 4 - 5 kg in the meantime.

After this, I started experiencing cramps and pain in my bowel with burning rectal pain and 'one unformed stool' every day with urgency. I lost some more weight and after 5 months I still have the same problem. My stool color sometimes look grey.

I always feel tired and low on energy, during summer I find it difficult to get up from sitting position, I feel like fainting and I have to sit down again.

I take weight grass juice since 2 years 30 ml in the morning only.

I have started (Home remedy) Coriander and Cumin decoction, Ginger with hot water. more  

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Please check your food habits. Oil and masala to be controlled. more  
Patanjali Nature cure centre in Haridwar can help recovery in such cases with Kalp treatment, where the patients are kept on cow curd diet only for some days and slowly put on normal diet. This tones up the food digestive system and gives strength to the stomach with rich bacteria. One of my close relations suffering from similar condition got lot of relief from this treatment. more  
I have experience of oily foods cause loose motions. So switch from oil rich foods to dry food. more  
Take baile ka murabba regularly. Go to a good nature cure home for treatment. more  
I had a similar problem for almost 20 years and was on antacids for the entire duration. I was diagnosed with duodenal and peptic ulcer way back in 1996 and was put on medication from that time on-wards. I used to face problems whenever I used to stop antacids.
I tried Allopathic, Unani, homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments. I realized I used to get temporary relief and it used to start again as soon as the treatment was over.
I was finally treated by an Allopathic doctor in 2016. What he diagnosed was stomach infection of highest order. I was put on medication for 6 months. The ulcers had led to stomach infection and had destroyed my digestive system.
I have recovered now and am totally off the antacids for the last 2 years.
I recommend you to do the following. First visit a good doctor and get your endoscopy done to identify if and home many ulcers you have and where all. You need to be first treated for ulcers before anything else. Once ulcers are treated then go for gut biopsy to check for infections. you will also have to follow restricted diet till the time treatment is on.
This is a person specific disease and others can only share their own experiences but it will not work for you. You will have to undergo customized treatment. Don't follow others practice blindly although you can gain insights from them.

If you are ready to come to Pune then I can guide you to the Doctor who treated me. more  
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