Live coronavirus found on frozen foods packaging

China’s health authority has confirmed the detection and isolation of living novel coronavirus on the outer packaging of imported frozen marine fish in the port city of Qingdao.

It is for the first time in the world that living novel coronavirus has been isolated from the outer packaging of cold-chain food, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a statement on Saturday.

One must be very very careful with frozen foods more  

Friends, let us understand that viruses, including the Novel Corona Virus, are neither "living" nor "Non-Living" or "Dead" (as only the living can die). These entities are an in-between living - & - non-living. They are not "born", they do not "live", and they do not "die" - they exist.
They need living cells to replicate - this replication is not like the living beings that reproduce by sexual reproduction or vegetative reproduction.
Viruses are a DNA or an RNA strand (having genetic expression possibility if they can get inside a living cell - animals of all kinds, plants, bacteria, fungi, any living thing that matches with the genetic stuff on their DNA/RNA), covered with a coating of fat/protein/etc. - once inside a living cell that matches with their genetic structure (like the Novel Corona for humans and some animals), they will shed off their coating and head for the cell nucleus and force the cell DNA to produce more of their kind, kill the cell and let loose the new viruses that attack newer cells, and so on.
Once out of the living cell, they do not "die" or "survive" - they can continue to "exist" for variable time (like the Corona for around 72 hours as of current evidence), after this time they will not die, but disintegrate - but the disintegrated virus can still be tested by laboratory methods if the right sample can be taken where the testing process picks up their tell-tale genetic pieces permitting us to conclude with certainty that the disintegrated material came from the virus of interest.

With this short, rudimentary understanding of viruses, we should accept or reject news items and other reports regarding the current virus of interest - this notorious Novel Corona Virus.

Let us hear/read news or forwards, etc., but forward only if we understand what we have been told, check its authenticity, etc., and only then pass on to others in responsible social media or any media so as to enlighten others, or else state what we have come to know and ask the audience or the forwarding person or agency the authenticity of the news.
But never, never otherwise.
It can harm if not authentic.
Thank you!!! more  
Technology gives us power to get prepared to fight off the challenges of today's world and not to create panic in our society and make us helpless. Always think about your usage of technology i.e. are you using it to help the society or create panic in the society...... more  
One more news to send people into the Shell / Capsule . Is it possible to have the source of information and details .

This has happened in china.But the virus is supposed to live only 24 hours outside the RNA. Is there information about the time between testing and the packing. more  
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