Lichen Planus

I am suffering from Lichen Planus. I have burning sensation and scars inside my lower lip and jaws. The doctor gave two different creams and finally Elidel which I am using now, but there's not much relief. I am a diabetic but it is normal with medication. Any suggestions?.....Please more  

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Dear Sampath, I had similar problem , 4-5 years back.Since then , I am cured of all ulcers in my mouth and dark patches on chest.I got Homeopathy treatment and Giloy tablets of Patanjali. Now I am taking daily Kayakalp vati and Giloy , empty stomach in the morning and evening.Also, I am doing pranayam (Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati each for 1 hour in the morning and half hour in the evening.) So , take advice of experienced Homeopath, start ayurvedik treatment also.But with my experience, Pranayam is more effective. For control of Diabetics, eat raw like carrot, cucumber and tomato, boiled leafy vegetables and curd only in the morning.Do not take curd and raw food in the dinner. For linch and dinner you can take light food.Do not eat Non-veg and do not take alcohol. Exercises like situp and pushup for half an hour in the morning and evening. Do not get depressed, be cheerful and built up confidence that you will be cured.This is autoimmune disease..It is because of mental worries.To get out of worries, read Gita and engage in God. Regards. Sheshrao Kadwe more  
There is simple treatment in Sujok Acupressure. Apply two - three methi seeds Fenugreek with Micro surgical tape on the places shown on the diagram given below. Any difficulty please watch the treatments shown in,  For Information on Su jok Therapy please visit -, Health is Wealth.Learn "Art & Science of Self Healing" and keep yourself Healthy.Videos URL,  On Saturday, January 16, 2016 5:56 AM, Sampath Reddy Chintakuntla wrote: more  
Half teaspoon of Haldi powder with a pinch of Black pepper in hot milk will also be helpful. more  
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Treating Lichen Planus For mild cases of lichen planus, which usually clear up in weeks or months, you may not need any treatment. If the symptoms are uncomfortable or severe, your doctor can prescribe certain medications that may help. There is no cure for the condition, but medications that treat the symptoms are helpful and some may even be able to target a possible underlying cause. Possible medications include one or more of the following: 1. Retinoids: Retinoids are medications that are related to vitamin A. They can be used topically or taken orally to treat your rash. 2. Corticosteroids: These help to reduce the inflammation of a lichen planus rash, and can be topical, oral, or given as an injection. 3. Antihistamines: These also reduce inflammation and may be particularly helpful if your rash is triggered by an allergen. 4. Nonsteroidal creams: There are topical creams available that can suppress your immune system and help clear up the rash. 5. Light therapy: In some cases, treating lichen planus with ultraviolet light seems to help. Lichen planus is rarely severe and, although it can be uncomfortable, is not a dangerous condition to have. With treatment and time, your rash will clear up and you will once again have normal skin. more  
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