The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy is purposed with developing education, research and propagation of indigenous alternative medicine systems in India. KODOS TO THE BOOST
There has been a steady rise in the funding by the present Government to this Field. That will be a big Boost to the Alternate systems of Medicine in India. Starting from Rs.691 Crores in 2014 to 3,050 Crores in the 2023 is very good. This emphasis from the Ministry will definitely make several people to join the existing beneficiaries to switch to the Corrective, safe, immune Boosting, side effectless, heathy Systems of Medicine. Really commendable to promote the Alternate streams that is within the common man’s reach. Affordable, all derived from food items and plant kingdom, so safe. And most of all Time Tested and OUR OWN SYSTEM.
Very often we have heard from Naturopathy and other streams Advising us to eat the Vegetables, Grains, Pulses and Fruits grown in the Region for best acceptance by the Body.
The first Covid 19 wave was a BOLTFROM THE BLUE for all. The people of
* That was the time the people were totally in the dark. Even the Medical profession and the Researchers had to dig up old records on Corona Virus for information.
* There was no Vaccine to protect the uninfected. All had to be Holed up Indoors with so many restrictions. No work, no business, all came to a stand still except our heart beats.
It is then that the Alternate systems gave a lending hand and timely support to the Struggling Allopathic system which was overloaded.
In Tamil Nadu and some other states Patients who underwent In-patient & Ambulatory Treatment during the first wave will Always be grateful to the Alternate systems, particularly the Siddha system of medicine that actively supported the National Efforts of the Allopathy System.

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I am extremely grateful to the Government of the day for doing their bit for revival of Indian system of medicine. But the neglected field for centuries (both by Britishers & Congress governments) will need continuous support not only from Government but also from society by way of funding as well as utilisation. more  
Be it ayurveda, naturopathy, homeopathy, treatement should be through an well knowledge person. Even incase of yoga and asanas, it should be performed through proper guidance. As rightly said by Mr. Barghava, European and other country people needs a test certificate than, relief . Because, a person sought remedial action for stiffness from knees till his toes. He narrated various consultation and treatement from various treatement from well qualified, experienced doctors,but, the person continued with his ailment without any relief. When , I explained simple rear acvupressure, therapy, stiffness slowly diminished. Many viewers of that episode started viewing my post, which run in thousands,but, the popular platform blocked me from further posts From this, I realised, European and other countries believes in test results theoretically, than trying inexpensive treatements. This I am sharing without prejudice more  
We should give all impetus to this alternate medicine but it has to be more transparent more  
It is a very happy decision to allocate four times increase in the present budget for NAM .The Britishers destroyed not only conventional Indian Medical systems but also Education and other systems which are ageold ,timetested and proven in the History in our country.As everybody knows the present english medicines and systems are not cost-effective and not accessable to the common man in nooks are corners of the country. Our traditional medical systems with indigenous knowledge such as Ayurveda etc.are well established in the rural remote corners . The Govt.should upgrade the Ayush Hospitals with all infrastructure and technologies as it was done in China and protect these systems for the future generations. more  
Ayurveda was the only established medical system before Britishers came to India. They systematically destroyed Indian system, industry so that their industry in England can work. Ayurveda has proved its merit over the period. We can use any of the systems as both have their own way of treatment. more  
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