Is there any cure for Enlarged Prostate in Ayurveda or Homiopathy

Hi Dr, I am suffering from an enlarged prostate issue for the last 3 years. was under Ayurvedic treatment for approximately 2 years Sri Sri Ravishankar Nadi Specialist as no result now under Homeopathy treatment under Dr. Vinod Sharma of Jaipur Rajasthan for the last 1 year. but no benefits yet.
I had PSA test and it is 1.48 and 89 ml urine remains in the bladder after void.
Seeking you're advise
Thanks, And Regards,
Amal Banerjee
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Amal ji a few parameter is very important while discussing about and treating BPH [benign prostatic hyperplacia ].
- Size if the prostate , which is not mentioned . It is measured in terms of Gms.

- Residual Urine . - these 2 are established with USG [Ultra Sonogram ]Over 30 ml residual Urine may cause immediate discomfort immediately and increase the sensation to pass urine though the patient will not get thensatisfaction of having passed . In the long run it may increse the chances of infection in the Urinary Ttact which will become a more difficult problem to get rid .

- then PSA [Prostatic Specific Antigen ] with Blood Test that gives just an indication to go for further test to rule out Cancer . That value along with othetr parameters will necessitate further tests.

I had my prostate emasuring 32 Gm [from USG ] I was put on Finesteride[the generic name of the drug that is prescribed ] for almost 4 to 5 years . That compound is supposed to reduce and prevent growing further . It also will supress the Testosterone secretion thereby reducing the risk of Prostatic Cancer . The effect of the drug used to be assesed by USG , on the size and the Residual fluid in the Bladder . 25 /30 ml was permissible .

As even that small quantity caused discomfort and disturbes sleep in the night , I sonsulted a Urologist who said the solution will be to remove . He also warned that there is a chance of slow regrowth . I removed it and the past 5 years I keep a watch on the size through USG . I am satisfied . more  
Tamsulosin and Dutasteride would help. more  
Dear Mr. Amal,
As I understand, PSA test is to find out if person's prostrate is malignant or benign. It has nothing to do with remnant urine.
Yes, there is medicine in Homeopathy, which reduces enlargement of prostrate and helps. But one must remember, effect of any medicines is tested for a large number of patients, and therefore it is personal. May or may not work for a particular person.
As advised by some members, should you opt for mixing Allopathy/Homeo/Ayurvedic medicines, please do so in consultation with your doctor(s).
Also remember, that all medicines have side effects, be these from any stream.
Cases are known where individuals could manage urination with 4 times enlargement of prostrate, without any kind of medication/intervention.
In my personal opinion, individual's state of mind plays important role in his/her health.
Choose next course of treatment, wisely.
Good luck. more  
Try Dr Reckeweg . I benefitted. They have online consultancy both Free & Paid. I think you should go for paid consultancy . Rgds more  
Some of the corrective actions to take:

- Stop consuming all dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese etc. Dairy products have growth hormones meant for the growth of cow's calf and this has a enlargement impact on human prostrate.
- Stop consuming processed vegetable oils (corn, canola, soy, ...) as they have an inflammatory effect (Omega 6 fatty acid is the culprit in these oils). Use oils such as mustard, olive, etc.
- Cut down all forms of direct and indirect sugars as that is inflammatory. This is a major cause of this and many other health issues. Even grains, pasta, bread, etc. have a lot of sugars.
- Any soy products as they can increase estrogen which will result in an enlarged prostrate.

After reading the above points one would tend to ask "then what do I eat!". If surgery is not an acceptable option then drastic changes in diet to address the above points will be required. more  
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