Is patanjali misleading consumers

Please see attached newspaper ad today and the reality as reported by journalists at Morning context.

Why is the consumer ministry ayush ministry inactive on this issue? more  

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Never will Ramdev ever argue about his product, but say एक किसान के बेटे ने ...... तो इनको मिर्ची लग रही है, creating a romanticised imagery of himself, building a perception as people's saviour, rather than logically contest the arguments. Where was this so called "farmer's son" last year when the farmers were agitating? Joining forces with the government while earning his crores from Patanjali, become a dollar millionaire. One should be true to one's ideology at the very least. This is what makes him appear suspect. Dabur has been in the same business for over a century, so when did the owner Dr. Burman or his descendant family ever propagate such propaganda. Even Mr.Dey of Dey's medical a pioneering businessmen in the medical field did his service, while earning profits. Even as I write this, today's Daily Pioneer newspaper has another advertisement by Patanjali. Same vocabulary, "evidence-based medicines" awarding themselves certificate. Medicines always are evidence based! Three broad category classifications: Country, company and brand. Patanjali branding co-opting country. India already having Yoga, ayurveda, and spirituality, maybe. more  
Thanks for the update, especially on the clinical trials. Rather than talk about his medicines, Baba Ramdev paints a romanticised picture of curing all ailments. Where is the data, just as in the case of any pharmaceutical or neutraceutical product requiring testing under clinical trials - in 80% patient recruitment hasn't started! Alternately, even an alternate medication system must have a common sense validation. If all the Patanjali's claims are true, why there remains so much medication caused poverty! Poor would have flocked towards Patanjali for their medicines. After all India became the world's pharmacy and proved her claims. Yes, the company's founder cum owner has become wealthy, a dollar millionaire. more  
Most of the so-called staff at most of the PATANJALI outlets are BLOODY RUDE AND LACK MINIMUM POSSIBLE MANNERS AND COMMONSENSE. more  
They are employees of local dealer. You should lodge complaint with Patanjali for any wrong act. more  
We need to help Ayush to help us. more  
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