Is FSSAI implementing mandatory rice fortification

The use of fortified rice will be mandatory in all midday meal schemes, and public nutrition programmes under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) in India by December 2019.

If that is the case, why is there no public discussion/opinion seeking on this subject.

What benefit do companies get by doing this. Wouldn't it lead to benefits/gains for some. Who looses. What are the pros and cons?


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Saritaji n friends, my basic question to all is about the malnutrition in certain areas of our country particularly in children of certain age,is it really true or again in the name of iodine deficiency the so called iodised salt is forced upon us making it more costly. We all know that horse naturally eats mainly grass and it has tremendous strength ,energy, does any horse eats fortified grass? Even today the world over the energy, power capacity is measured in terms of HORSE POWER, WHY? This
It is a systematic plan perhaps to spread such myths n encash it for business purposes.
Second important aspects is in the name more agriculture production like rice or wheat or corn, our agriculture scientists have done lot of research to develop new varieties of hybrid varieties in the process we might be losing its natural properties which are there in our traditional crop seeds ,used for more than centuries. The real cause of malnutrition may be eating such hybrid varieties of our steple foods n than wants to fortified it. This is absolutely a wrong concept
I feel we need to be more sensitive towards any such attempts or publicity . more  
Ms sarita is absolutely right. un wanted addition of NUTRIENTS. IS ALSO NOT A must.At present onlt VIT A,IRON, IODINE, VIT, D are fortified. Rice has the required CARBO HYDRATE, which is more than enough. The FSSAI should arrange for a HEARING, before attempting further FORTIFICATION. Gujarat has started fortifying PDS rice with Vit A more  
I hope that the rice is not genetically modified in the name of fortified rice... more  
hope people will not resort to making a quick buck by giving substandard food and as usual some old food will be there and children will fall ill which we see happening quite often more  
It is good to note that fortified rice will be mandatory in all midday meal schemes and will be under the supervision o FSSAI more  
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