Infrared Thermometers are useless

Infrared non-contact thermometers are the scam of the decade. Trash is being sold at exorbitant price. Each one should buy individual digital thermometer. Much more reliable and cheaper. Even many RWAs and security guards which are using this on entrance of bulidings/malls not aware. Use a simple digital thermometer. more  

Mr Ramchandran M Nair and Mr Mohd. Asif Khan have aptly explained the reasoning in usuing infrared thermometers. more  
Mr.Vikram Ahuja tried to play a googly to confuse the public and whip up a movement against Health departments efforts to enhance primary testing.The infrared type was selected as it is used at a distance between 2 to 5 cm.What qualification or knowledge Mr.Ahuja have to comment a scientific instrument. Any other temperature measuring instrument( mercury based or digital) needs to be shoved in to persons mouth,arm pit or where ever the health worker think it will be good to get the right measurement.After one use this needs to be put in hot water,and sanitize. I challenge Mr.Ahuja to prove your credentials to post such comments on a public forum.His intentions are malicious and he should be put under a scanner or at least the NOIDA police should trace this guy and find out what prompted him to publish such malicious post..................... Infrared thermography is a remote sensing technique used to measure temperature based on emitted infrared radiation, in this case from people in crowded environments. This application may be used for fever screening in major public places such as airports and hospitals.
So please return back to work. more  
Agree with your views, Half knowledge is really dangerous. We should only comments what we know. more  
You reply is not at all keeping in view of a public platform. You may have a difference of opinion, but the reply is more of a personal attack.
As desired by you maybe you could start to provide your credentials for making such remarks. more  
This is not correct. Infrared thermometers are in use for long time for industrial purposes and also monitoring the temperature of room, machines and equipment’s. When calibrated properly they give you good result. Due to covid situation we have no other way to keep safe distance and also to check temperature, therefore they are best equipment. more  
That was bound to happen. With so much demand, un-certified, un-tested products have swarmed the market. As long as they are from good brands they are good. But then good brand come at a price. One of the Govt department could publish a list of approved brands or the certification that it should insist on be present on the packaging. more  
Vikram Ahuja...I tend to differ. There are several issues that must be addressed here.
1. The Department of Legal Metrology GOI has allowed import of these witnout required certificates (with a condition that all unauthorized importers will have to get the samples passed after 3 months!!). This has resulted in lot of toys being imported at cheap price from China. Before purchasing, consumer must insist on model approval certificate from GOI (which is available with some genuine medical suppliers).
2. All these work at an ambient temperature of 10-40C. That has to be adhered to to get best results.
3. These work best when temperature is taken within 5 cm from forehead and there must not be any perspiration on forehead.
There are genuine and good quality brands available in the market at a slightly high price which are worth it. more  
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