Industry Lobby actively working against Anti-Profiteering authorities

Today's business standard paper has an article where the opinion giver is talking how Govt should not renew the term of Anti Profiteering regulator and market forces are best to manage profiteering.

I have seen such opinions in all business papers almost and its coming from brands who are having to lower prices because of all of our complaints.

India is a country which has over 600M uneducated consumers who dont even understand what MRP means. These brands want that no consumer rights organisation should exist and the Govt and Judiciary have limited capacity to handle consumer issues.

Unless until DGAP NAA etc and many such organisations exist and function properly, we will all be in the hands of brands. Anti Profiteering term must be extended by atleast 2 years as gst is still evolving and according to me every state govt ministry of finance should have a working state antiprofiteering arm which is currently either non existent or defunct. more  

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Yes, it is a fact that Industry Lobby actively working against Anti-Profiteering authorities more  
the MRP fraud issue can be easily handled. Print the 'Price Used for GST purposes by Manufacturer'. Call this 'GST Price'. After this retailers cannot cheat us by threatening to charge 12 - 18% GST if we demand a bill. Insist on the bill. Then, he has to charge the printed MRP and pay GST on this (less Input GST) to the Govt, and declare this income to IT authorities. Or he has to charge a reasonable price and pay GST and IT based on real income. No one will pay Rs 100 for a product for which the 'GST Price' is only Rs 30!

And these GST prices are not actually a trade secret, because if you know the product code, you can get the 'GST Price' from certain GST websites. more  
This Government of India will not demolish the National Anti-profiteering Authority as through it they appropriate the undue charge of GST/CGST through assessment. Insofar as the assessment of the GST/CGST is concerned, it is fine but the same has got to be refunded to the consumers (unidentifiable) in CWF under Consumer Protection Act and appropriate the same to themselves for diversion to the Consolidated Fund of India or the Finance Act in violation of the Constitution.

With regard to the demand of the corporate bodies or the brands for abolition of the NAA, competition in the business will take care of their margins of profit. NAA may be abolished. more  
This needs to be escalated to the PM for his intervention. One issue of charging gst above discounted MRP has been reported hundered times but still not resolved and still in hands of brands. Need faster action. more  
MRP ? Tell me who understands how a brand or manufacturer fixes the MRP and who is the regulator who checks on whether the MRP has been properly calculated. Can any one shed some light on this? More that 99% of the consumers do not have any idea about how MRP is arrived at and who approves it.
You can understand all about the hollowness of the MRP if only you go to the local kiranawala and talk to him about the MRP. He will let you know that it is all bogus. He gets the material far far below the MRP and many companies even ask the retailers how much they want the MRP be printed.
The customer/consumer does not know at what rate the seller has been able to buy the material and how much profit he has been making on it.
One can come to know if your relative/close friend helps you to buy it at the cost price if he is the dealer himself. You will roll your eyes when you know the actual manufacturing cost.
Well this will be a very long story for this particular post. Hence, I close it at this.
The consumers have to grow into a very strong force if they want some ethical practices to be instilled into the manufacturers and businessmen. more  
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