I wish to bring to your kind notice that I was to fly from Udaipur to Mumbai by INDIGO flight 6E-748 with PNR No. KYN5VZ DT. 9/11/2016 after attending my alling/ sick mother at Udaipur.

I had some extra baggage and after weighment the Staff at INDIGO counter asked me to deposit Rs. 3000/-

Since our PM had announced the cancellation of 1000/- denomination notes a night before ( of course with exemption clearly laid ) following persons at counter did not accept the amount rather mis-behaved with mer,man-handled abused and cancelled my ticket arbitrarily without my consent with cancellation No. KYN5VZ and did not allow to board me the plane.
Several requests were made but to avail. The names of persons are as under :-

Mr. Yogesh Kumar Treminal Manger AAI UDAIPUR AIR PORT also intervened (His Mobile No. is 9548158325 ) but above persons kept on mis-behaving.
Mr. G. C. kahtaria Home Minister of Rajasthan was also passing through and instructed concerned staff to accept the currency but they refused left and right.

Ultimately I left with no option but to return back to Udaipur with bag and baggage.This has caused me heavy mental and financial loss , Air lines may be asked make good my loss.and due punishment may be given to to above persons who have over ruled the PM of India instructions.

M- 9920660026

pl.note that i have already lodged complaint to PMO and ministry off civil aviation


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Indigo deserves to be black listed more  
DEMONETIZATION ONLY TO BAILOUT PSBs, hiding the PSB babus' filth:- PIL In the scenario created in the mean time in the Nation of India, several evils have cropped up against humanity, hence humans have been left with no resort but to self claim their rights which though, have been bestowed on them but in ONLY WORDS i.e. they lack practicality, all attributable to Financial Corruption. It is not that humans in India are now being treated as inferior to beasts and driven off all alike in general. This is the outcome of Financial Corruption which has crept into the national system. Thus, it is being observed that people are left with nothing owing to financial crunch as even their basic needs are encroached and they are deprived off from, along with their Constitutional and Human Rights . This has created an absolute state of anarchy as such deprived people of India have nothing else to do but to carry out further crimes and corruption, which for them, is inevitable, as they have to exercise their Right to Life and Liberty. Thus it is being observed that The People will have to, and have to resort to nothing but further evil means fro their survival, i.e. coercively induced evil, hence now humanity is more than put to shame as humanity is not at par or evil beyond evil and could be used synonymously fro each other, the scenario created y the Corrupt equating Human to Devil. The symmetry that the science inherently caries with itself is positive or negative, on or off, adversity or favorability. The sole cause of all this non-sustainable evil is Financial Corruption in this land known as India which had been ideal for the globe and persists being the same type yet benefits nullified and damages beyond extreme, which is evident by even mere prima facie analysis of the scenario where the People of India have been left only with "Coercively Induced Criminality" of all sorts, which warrants automatic pardon to them all with their environment conductive to such deeds only. The financial crime itself across each and every sector which positively occupies its base in the base of finance, under Public or the Government ownership known as Public Sector Banks. The Banks have all good policies and procedures on paper but seldom practised where ever there is even little possibility of 'no corruption' by the babus of the PSB at the higher ranks or order and are also corrupt, as the public money in the banking system is dealt per their wishes only, who are indulged in draining public money from the banks to their own coffers and probably simian sharing with their protectors or saviours in the relevant Ministries and the Banking Regulator. These Public Servants' Corruption calls for the further corruption of sorts in the same Public banking system as observing the easy success and enjoyment by the Corrupt babus, others in the same system are also lured to perform corruption, thereby also contaminating them including the private and co-operative banking sectors and so on, and the sole suffers are "The People" of India. With deprivation and regression of Humanity in India, the scenario thus created by the corrupt bank babus, Indian people are put to utter shame and defame, before and among all global populace and humanity thereby also diminishing state value of the Union of India among the global states community. One of the repercussions is no seat in UN Security Council, hard to get into Nuclear Suppliers Group yet, and uncountable. Under this scenario as also discussed above the environment thus created is conductive to evils only hence there are bound to be non-sustainable crimes crimes and corruption of sorts. By any stretch of imagination in this non-conductive environment, establishment of good and the evil rule of law is purely impossible, hence as obvious, what remains is only, and only the rule of corruption. Like, in a hazardous gas chamber, expectation from a human to inhale only pure air is totally foul. Similarly, expectation of good from human in the corrupt PSU bank babus contaminated environment is absolutely foul and against all humanity. Yet, the laws cannot be bent fro The People who are from all walks of life to prevent them from prosecution in case they commit crimes and further corruption in order to exercise their Right to Life and Liberty. Now, speculation by any sound human brain thinks of any solution it is only purification of this contamination, which calls forth nothing else but prosecution of the corrupt elements in the Financial or Money Banks in the Public sector in India, positively. Now, as we see that as a river bed can never be emptied despite all river water consistently falling in the sea, draining all water away. The only mode possible to empty the river bed is to plug its water source. Once the source is plugged, the river bed is bound to get vacated. Similarly, the source of all subsidiary crimes and corruption is required to be annuled. The source as evident very clearly is Corrupt PSU Bank babus who make pro quo lending and create regular NPAs for the nation, to be eventually bailed out from the National Wealth or the Public/ Taxpayers' Money who pay all direct and indirect taxes. Thus the funds for all genuine necessities fall short thereby creating deprivation of people from all basic human needs, so that they are left with nothing but to suicide or to commit crimes and corruption only in their lives. Thus, money worth or GDP created by "The People" of India goes into the coffers of the corrupt PSU Bank babus and the shortfall is bailed out by the public money iterative and re-iteratively till eternity, and the humanity keeps suffering in pain and agony, till etrnity, with every now and then upcoming NPAs and their inevitable baiouts from the Public Money. This way, with more than 1/7th of the officialy declared global populace bearing the title "Begging Bowl of the World" and despite this "Begging Bowl" question appearing in the top Public Services Examinations, yet the same situation, all attributable to the selective corrupt Public Servants in the Public Sector Banks. The cause is not being worked out hence desired effect to bring evils to sustainable level is never possible. The cause is solely Corrupt PSU bank babus' corruption. It is also significant to note that RBI, the Indian Banking Regulators' corrupt elements are able to defraud the Hon'ble Supreme Court using the shied of their matte being technical financial and banking matter, whereas the fact is that the things required to make wise decisions to establish the rule of law understanding the rules of Economics and the covert and pragmatic rules of Bank babus corruption are very easy and can be presented and imbibed as easily as uttering and understanding 1 - 2 - 3. Now, understanding the fact and bringing it to the light before the brilliant Hon'ble Jury, subsequently, to be exposed to the Indian and mass, with extreme faith in the Rule of Law and the Indian Constitution this petition, in the public interest needs to be taken cognizance of , else humanity will be bound to lead sub-standard lives, perhaps equivalent to savage beasts, with no legal and human rights, as they under seize by encroachment thereof by anti-law and anti-human elements and their evolved factors. It, now only vests on the brilliance of the Hon'ble High Court/ Supreme Court to take cognizance and protect the humanity regressing or in other words progressing in adversity, rather than even staying at neutral, or making any favourable progress at all, despite in India, otherwise all conductive environment acting or available which is evident by the high population sustenance in this comparatively little land and despite all "positive checks" or "natural checks" of population control, or evils of crime and corruption, including much disturbed bio-diversity (which again itself is attributable to Bank babu corruption). We know that the easiest modus operandi, the corrupt elements resort to is ignorance of the people from facts and laws, rights and legitimacy and with psychological influence dupe them by creating their reliable persona and making myths and rumours floating across the entire populace by and large. Hence it becomes natural duty of the intellectuals to prevent humanity from such evil elements and bring the facts to light for which the following instances and evidences are being presented in concise:- more  
Indigo staff is known for their arrogance and misbehavior. Not surprised. Complaint to any level will not give any results. A public boycott on this and such airlines may be thought of. more  
It's gross violation of the PM's instructions & erring Staff must be taken to task. more  
kindly move consumer forum and u r bound to get good compensation and damages more  
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