India most worrisome trajectory

While the United States has made a U-turn, India is on a very worrisome trajectory. See attached.

Dont be carried away with the positive spins govt officials will throw at you. more  

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In many bad things (say like Fatality due to Road accident ) India is uncontested no.1 so why not in COVID.
We were inside home started with only 400 patients for 3 months to improve our health system. Now nobody gets Govt hospital bed with very special backing and you need to pay 3-20 Lacs depending on type or period.
In 3 months for sure we have ruined our economy.
Mera Bharat Mahan!!! more  
That is what I meant.2/3 years ago use of coconut oil was bad for the
heart.Now it is good. Iodine in salt was good and now it is bad. drinking
tea was bad, now it is good. Rice was not good for diabetic patients and
asked them to use wheat instead. Now Gluten from wheat is bad for thyroid.
Research is good as some people have a steady income from Pharma
companies,Government, and charity organizations.I am waiting for the day
they come out and say Covid-19 was good for the humans and a good excuse
for not working and still get paid. Damn! why Covid did not come when I was
working as a technician repairing trucks,buses,and mining equipment. I
could have worked from home and still get paid.

Quality is what customer wants.Not that you can sell more  
True statistics generally do not lie; different deduction-models can lead to different results. The main idea here is to look for solutions on how to fight this pandemic. more  
Even as the resource post reached us we saw the figures and graph in the news. The daily case has touched 65 K ; The 7 day change is 24 % increase in cases and 18% in deaths (compared to the previous 7 days ).It is a matter of concern for all including me . I totally believe that author has done this as a warning to be taken by the public and be on guard and not to be overwhelmed by the Virus.

The attachment will also reveal the gross negligence of the Health worker not wearing Gloves or not being provided while checking for the Oxygen level of the Cops. The worker is hollding the hand with bare hands. Mind Friends, both will be exposed extensively while performing their duties. provision of Gloves for the Health worker can prevent the Spread several fold .

A commoner like me can inform the authorities only through this Platform.There is no other channel . WE ARE NOT LIVING IN THE SNEAKY MINDED NEIGHBOURING COUNTRY WHERE EVERYTHING IS HUSHED. Our country is too large and our suggestions are Welcome by the authorities . more  
Mr Nair,
Do you have the authentic figures as claimed by you?
The graph will be proportional to population, so how can you call for similar trends for countries like Korea etc.
China does not release any data , so lets leave it out.
The source of the data is the EU Centre for disease prevention & control , is it a institution of ill repute ?
Berating anything which doesn't suit your ideas or dreams is very uncivilized. Please Stop it more  
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