India hasnt managed Covid-19 well

India's COVID19 journey of 180 days

1st 60 days (30 Jan to 30 Mar) - 1205 cases
2nd 60 days (31 Mar to 29 May) - 1,72,558 cases
3rd 60 days (30 May to 28 Jul) - 13,57,906 cases

India's fatalities in 180 days

1st 60 days - 32 deaths
2nd 60 days - 4,939 deaths
3rd 60 days - 29,222 deaths

Whosoever is telling you India has managed Covid-19 well is plain lying. more  

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Mr.Jaykumar Daniel, Did I make any personal attack on you who lives 287 km from where I live. Neither I did on the author.If the incumbent government can not be blamed for the stupid things some people from some religious group try to sabotage their efforts. I do not have to elaborate on who are they. If my post is provocative or personal attack the admin: will delete it and throw me out of the group (circle). So please mind your business. more  
Common courtesy demands politeness to one another in a Circle. more  
OK.They all tell lies.The numbers are fake,increase in number of cases is because the Government did not care and did nothing to fight/prevent/corona. Every Indian citizen strictly followed the instructions like wearing a mask,keeping social distance,did not crowd around the shops, had bath every day, did not go to church,mosque,temple,gurudwara or mall.We were so disciplined we even brought back the Indian students who went to China to study Medicine from Wuhan.We were so patriotic that we brought back all NRIs, or pravasis back home and gave them food,shelter, and booze. Yet the author says INDIA DID NOT MANAGE COVID-19 WELL. What an investigative report. May be we should hand over the management to Vijay Mallya,Choksi,Nirav Modi, Goyal who are excellent managers of crisis. Now you can add Rana Kapoor too. The authors profile picture amply explains how to keep social distance which might get a mention on the independence day. The author is an expert in handling pandemic as she herself is a bigger pandemic than COVID-20. more  
When the fist Corona / Covid 19 case struck India on 30th january and the next 2 cases followed within the next week. No one ever knew about the exponencial growth Ability of the Virus . That is multiplying through Binery Fission one into 2 , 2 into 4 , 4 into 8 and so on . Then the Information stated trickling down from experts from India as well as from the world.

Unfortunately we didn't even have sufficient Masks to cover the nose and mouth, Testing equipments , leave alone the PPE's for Health Workers , Ventilatores for the seriouly ill and most importantly I.C.U. beds . From this situation we have come up to the currents situation where most states are ready with all requirements .

For the sheer size of the population of our country , any one would say our Health workers have risen to the occasion . Braving the disease, slogging several hours under difficult situation . They were Mobile and Versatile to keep in check and turn out the sick to Recovery day after day for 120 days.
The health workers , the sanitary workers , The Police force have given their everything including their lives . THE LINK SENT BY MR. GROVERS SAYS IT ALL .WE KNOW WHERE WE ARE & WHAT OUR RESPONSIBILITIE ARE.
High time we realize this fact and encourage each and every one who have risked their lives to save the rest from the Virus .

It will be magnanimous of the Ruling Governments to positively involve the Opposition also . AT THIS STAGE WHAT THE CITIZENS NEED IS THE DAY TO AVAILABILITY OF THE BEDS , I.C.U's , VENTILATORS . TREATMENT FACILITIES FREE , IF PAID PRECICELY HOW MUCH . more  
Well it is very easy to criticise from outside than actual performance.lots views of non proffesional are coming.They doing mathematical modelling as if it is not a pendamic but a statics more  
The trend n percentages are worse in other countries..
Sure, we should try harder to rein Covid19, but blaming the authorities doesn't help.
Please be a part of the solution, not the problem more  
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