India under coronavirus:Furtive legislation

Times-intolerably extended pseudo-interregnums if you will-such as these coronavirus times,are not the time for the Central government or state governments, to pass furtive legislation without public consultation, seemingly.Yet, the Central government has passed a slew of legislation,seemingly without following due process. To inundate the country with a barrage of unratified(by the public) legislation is cruel and unfair and bound to create insecurity in the populace more  

And the petrol price was increasing when petroleum prices were falling. So many laws, bills, all only harming people, putting them to extra hardship, you know why it is happening? Because we don't have a viable opposition. Imagine the day it is only one party ruling the whole country...I shudder to think. As if that is not enough, the AAP starts the HSRP terror on the streets... seriously don't they have a sense of propriety or timing? more  
The price of fuel is raised at regular intervals. We can imagine the chaos that would have taken place if the existing government was in Opposition. It is affecting the common man, the farmers.
Why not have austerity by abolishing the post of Governors or postpone the construction of new Parliament building ? More revenue can be generated if the pensions of the MLAs and MPs are made taxable. more  
The symbolism of a gigantic Parliamentary complex is not lost on one.But this is precisely the point.The legislators represent the people and they should be conscious of their actions.The country's funds need to be spent keeping in mind the principle of " bahujan hitay, bahujan sukhay".And if that is not done, governance is failing more  
Be practical. Overemphasis on freedom and consultations is not practical. Just like people cry about privacy while all our data is with Facebook, Google and many such sites. We have no objection to such data being collected by private and foreign agencies but we start crying foul when Govt use Aadhar for transfer of benefits or for other schemes. more  
Mr Rajiva Singh,public consultation is a must before Bills become Acts and should happen before mega projects.The last time I checked,we were a democracy.
And I don't recall discussing privacy,though that,too,is worthy of another discussion. more  
Invoking extended powers when the judicial machinery(already overloaded) is seemingly struggling to perform its duties is completely wrong.(Mis) quoting Matthew Arnold:"One (nearly) dead.The other (a little too powerful) to be born" more  
Agree Coercively imposed, to begin with, the lockdown. Lockdown gave this government an alibi for sweeping powers citing National Disaster Management Act invoked at the time. More so the imposition was within a some hours notice. Beforehand some time could have been given if there was some planning. Saving factor was the cashless infrastructure put in place. more  
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