Increase in blood sugar

Dear friends, i have experienced that when u give blood for fasting testing without doing any exercise, it is normal. But if u do the exercise and then go for blood test (fasting) it is in increased number. Secondly, I experienced that the reading number of fasting were more than the number post prandial. What may be the reason for that. more  

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Strange, that no medical doctor has commented so far. more  
@Rajeev Arora. Yes that is the logical reason for increase in sugar. i went for cycling on purpose since I have seen that if I exercise before fasting glucose test, it is on the higher side everytime. more  
The blood sugar level is maintained by several factors and changes in our body. There is a process known as glycogenolysis where glycogen is broken into glucose and another process gluconeogenesis when glucose is formed from proteins. Any vigorous exercise promotes the synthesis of glucose to provide energy and the balance is maintained by production of insulin. The entire process is complex and depends upon certain enzymes and hormones. If you give sample of your fasting sugar soon after vigorous exercise the level of glucose produced may not have been neutralized by that time, thus a higher level may be shown. In some cases the post prandial level may be lower than fasting sugar, may be because of the anti diabetic drugs or slight imbalance between the insulin secreted to balance the sugar available in blood after the meal. The physiological processes may vary in different persons. This may explain the findings you have got Mr Khar, about your blood glucose levels. This sort of results are not unusual and doesn't require a medical intervention. You must realize that doing exercise routinely gives results in a long run and not immediately. Exercises and yoga help to keep sugar under control if it is done regularly for weeks and months and should be continued as a daily routine. more  
Exercise, especially strenuous competitive sports, can trigger production of stress hormones such as cortisol. This hormone prepares the body for a flight or fight response by temporarily suppressing the production of insulin (which helps store glucose) resulting in higher availability of sugars in the blood stream for the quick use of large muscles. Nothing to worry - this is a normal and temporary phenomenon. Avoid exercising before the test. more  
Its because the lever releases glucose stored by it into the blood whenever the sugar level reduces too much. So you find that the fasting sugar is high after you do some exercise even before you eat anything. more  
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