HUL short film on water scarecity

HUL is now airing a rather derogatory short film about their concerns for the rural poor. Water scarcity is severe across the country including urban centres and remote rural areas. But this film shows urbanites wasting water taking showers while villagers come and drink the water from the shower on all TV shows! This coming from a company that markets detergents and sells RO plants is very strange! RO plants typically waste two to three liters of water as 'waste water' for every liter of clean water. It is so hypocritical! Everyone knows what kind of damage are we causing by using detergents. We, as a nation are collectively and individually responsible for not wasting any resource including water. This idea of making bad guys out of city dwellers to show HUL's concern for rural distress is reprehensible. We should not allow HUL to create a split among people and sow one more seed of divide among the rural and urban classes. this ultradig is uncalled for.

I do believe that they should take this short film down with an apology.

ramesh more  

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I am using west water from my RO into my manual washing machine.
half bucket water in my garden. Some time we bath with that water.

We also didn't west water to wash vegetables and fruits. We use this water to wet our kitchen garden. more  
It is correct that we waste more water in the RO Processing. more  
When the earth is one third water, our doubt on scarcity has no basis. It may be fact the with the increase in the population the use of water has increased, resulting in scarcity or water level going down. We can educate for reduction of wastage of water. more  
It is the cost of treated water and transporting the treated water through pipelines which costs. Similarly, water treated or not , to several parts of our country is not available easily, leading to distress in farm sector. more  
Thanks Ramesh for bringing in this point . The Corporate Responsibility point of HUL we missed , sorry for being Hindi illiterate , none the less by and large the message of " EVERY DROP OF WATER SAVED IS GENERATED HAS BEEN REGISTERED when you see the post . Any way I don't consider illiteracy a sin.

I had called the Service personnel of the Water Purifier for some service . The set up as you see in the attachment was there when the technician came . He set things right and switched on the machine . When I came to check ,Water was getting purified and getting collecte on one side and THE DISCARDED WATER WAS BEING LET IN TO THE BASIN THOUGH THE WATER SAVING DEVISE WAS RIGHT THERE .


Kindly don't expect the only good communicator in India to come her also . more  
Good Ramesh , you have shown your corporate responsibility . I am sure the message would have gone deep into every worker in the Lab .
He takes the lead to promote the matter . more  
Thanks Daniel,

The simple point I am making is that less than 1% of people in India have access to Showers! One cannot make a statement that city dwellers are living it up while farmers and villages are given a less than a raw deal! When this kind of things gets aired piously, it will only sharpen the divisions that the Indian Society based on so many fronts. Many thinkers say that next world war will be for control over water.

There should be many ways of showing importance of saving water without having to point fingers at the people who live in city. Not all of them live there by choice. It is also corporate responsibility to avoid trying to make a big point using poor urbanites who also have stand in lines to get a 10 liter can half filled many a times at cost and becoming victims of water Mafias. Just imagine them taking a shower!

Thank you.

Incidentally I had installed a RO plant in my laboratory in Chennai and had made arrangements to take the waste water to a tank downstairs and it was used for non potable purposes such as washing, garden watering and so on. These are exceptions. more  
I recently saw a post in whatsapp about available storage anicut/ lakes etc vis a viz the average rain fall recorded. I was shocked to note that the State or Central Govt. have NOT BOTHERED and making people suffer. Today, in Chennai and many other places people are running from palce to place for basic drinking water. What for are the Govts? They are all chores. More focussed on looting money from public. They should be ashamed of and never entertain any such ..... more  
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