HTC Is a dirty and thitd class and garbage Company in INDIA


Accused No.1:- HTC INDIA (Dopod), G-4 (four), BPTP Park Centre Sector -30 (thirty), Near NH-8, Gurgaon Haryana -122001. Telephone Number-0124-4129800
Accomplice Partner in Crime of Criminal Conspiracy.
Accused No.2 Running HTC Call Center secretly operating from unknown location at Mumbai Daily for misguiding and fooling around All India HTC customers on phone and Internet daily and hiding behind the Walls and Curtain doing dirty Business on behalf of HTC.
Check it at:-

Accused No.3 TVS Electronics Ltd, Unit No 105, 1st floor, DLF Grand Mall, (Near Sikandarpur Metro Station), Gurgaon Mahrauli Road City Phase II , Gurgaon -122001

1. That I KK Agarwal Advocate S/o Trilok Chand, Ch A-11 (eleven), District Collectrate Compound, Muzaffarnagar has been a practicing lawyer of U.P and Delhi Region and working for aggrieved clients many years. Now that a complex problem I face off personally against a mobile company named HTC Corporation which is of Taiwan base company of Smartphone and mobile and tablet making company in the World and who import there electronics items to the various countries in the World including India. That the Net income is 46 (forty six) billion in US Dollar in 2014 (Two thousand and fourteen) and have make an extensive secret presence in India. That the company makes his Head Office in India secretly and registered as HTC India in the Registrar of the Companies Act in India secretly. That the world “secretly” is used here that when any people in India try to access their website then no information about Head Office and their persons or Zonal Head or other working Staff is there in the Website for the India people to know about them and where they are operating from. The HTC Company has setup a few number of people Call Center for formality in India at Mumbai somewhere unknown & tied up with the local third class vendors of the mobile repair who give some money on monthly basis and they may work as a HTC formality Service center while they work for also Sony, Lava, Micromax, Samsung, Zen etc. That these service centers and call center are just a false impression in our society that when you buy any HTC Product from the Indian market they can fix it for up to whole one year in warranty and guaranty applied on the HTC Company electronic items buy from the India. That people may think that what a good company it was but in contrast to that when any people of India buy any item of HTC then he may face off mountain of troubles and problems in India given by the HTC third class items to buy for his daily use he knows and besides that he is throwing third class mobile sets in Indian Market flooded in very corner in India on every retail shop.

2. That the HTC INDIA is so clever and shrewd that he told these service centers to repair only HTC items which buy from one unknown Distributor in India whose name also unknown in India and rest any other items which the HTC selling in India through various channels through their another doors called backdoors cannot be repaired by any HTC Service Center in India except TVSE who are a full paid in cash extracting service centers from the HTC Customers who buy the items in India except that unknown distributor. That these full paid service centers called and assigned as TVSE service centers in INDIA and are allocated very distant location & in very few numbers and in other cities of India and in Uttar Pardesh it is one in Lucknow and in Delhi they are only two in number and in Mumbai it is two only. That these TVSE service centers always charge heavy cost for fixing any minor to major issue in HTC mobile and smartphone items and the customer has to travel several miles away from his home to these service center in INDIA to get access their TVSE premises workshop and the HTC Handset and get lay their Handsets several months for getting their turn of repairing the faulty Handset by them. That the HTC India also not provide and Software support to the HTC Customers according to their numerous Models in India for fixing the Software issue problem my their own knowledge if you cannot get easily access to TVSE the Service Centers and also in Internet World no Software issue related Software get upload by the HTC India or HTC Corporation in the World for all the HTC Customers who are facing problem in these faulty HTC Handset. That the HTC Corporation is selling the third class mobile Handset to the innocent and novice people of India and major are defective inside but the HTC selling all kind of mobiles and smartphones items to the people of India for making undue enrichment through the Indian wide market and earning billions of Rupees from the Indian Market by fooling around the people of India day by day who unfortunately buy the HTC item in India as thinking in false impression as HTC Branded company.

3. That now why I used to put complaint against HTC India and what grievances I faced against HTC. That I had heard about HTC Corporation on Internet and get attracted towards HTC smartphones to buy for my personal use in day to day Life. That on dated 15-08-2015 (Fifteen –August- Two thousand fifteen) I bought one HTC Smartphone Model HTC Desire VC 328D CDMA of Rs 4500/- (Forty Five Hundred) from the local vendor in the Muzaffarnagar market who have given me proper invoice bill copy to me and told me that the HTC will fix any problem up to one year. That I bought it any just use for 10 (Ten) hrs passed at my home the Handset name HTC Desire VC CDMA has stopped working when the HTC mobile was put on charge thru AC Charger. That after that I went to the HTC Service Center at Muzaffarnagar where he refused to fix the Handset after seeing from inside opened and told that it cost Rs 600/- (Six Hundred) for trying of repairing it and there is no surety of it that it may work properly or not. That after that one of my friend on my request taken to the one of the TVSE service center of HTC, at Surendar kumar at 38A, Bungalow Road, Kamala Nagar Delhi where they told that it cost Rs 3000/- (Three thousand) of it for fixing the mobile and it takes one month time to get it repaired. That I think what the thief and hooligan type of the HTC Service centers are who after buying item of HTC may charge undue excessively for fixing any issue in Smartphone while the phone has a warranty of full one year of it. That the HTC INDIA is doing unfair trade practice and malpractice in India for selling dirty and third class handsets in India and not providing any warranties on that third class item.

4. That before that and after that I wrote several Email to the HTC India Pvt Ltd customer Service Cell at,,, and,,,,,, for the same problem I has facing in HTC Desire VC CDMA but none has taken corporate responsibility for may get correct this HTC Handset at any service in India at their own expenses they may provide. That the company HTC is working in India for looting and minting the money from the HTC customers in India and thousands to lakhs of customers day by day are blindly trapping in the HTC India defective and mala fide company items and sinking their Hard earned money on the HTC items while the HTC Corporation or HTC India may getting rich to richer day by day thru the selling of dirty and third class smartphone and mobile items in INDIA.

5. That as I know my legal rights and have identify the roots of the HTC company and its dirty pathetic style of working it is my legal duty to may prevent & stop the working of the HTC India in INDIA for not selling their defective items and other electronic mobiles in India so that no other Indian buyers have feel being looted by the HTC India for their undue enrichment purpose like he did to me. That in the registration of companies in public Ltd or private Ltd as HTC India Pvt Ltd there is must obligatory for disclosing their names on their website and also necessary to appoint various directors and other necessary person such as Chairman, Director, Board members, C.A , C.S, Advocates and other person for the working of any company who may registered in India but here the HTC India have hidden all the necessary facts and just for making secret and not going to get sue in any courts of law thru that hiding information the HTC India is working against the Rules of law in the Companies Act and in the other Indian Acts applicable in whole of India.

6. That the HTC INDIA is not making any item of Smartphone and mobiles in India land of law but he has been importing all their items outside from the India and then rebranding & remarking it for selling by the One unknown distributor name while other smartphone and mobile items the HTC Corporation has selling from the another doors called backdoors in the Indian market so that he makes unlawful money by looting the Indian customer and not to give any warranty and guaranty on it and the people may lose their hard earned saved money on their defective and third class items flooded in the Indian mobile market by HTC in every shop in India to sell to Indian people of India. That kindly visit the site of HTC.COM.IN and HTC INDIA on that how many new and old customers of HTC INDIA are crying and facing atrocities and bad services of their Customer service getting in India and their dirty evil acts they are doing customers of HTC in INDIA. We the people of need A1 Class of services and company in India not a gang of thieves and dacoits who snatching & extracting the money from the people of India due to fault of the Government of India to allow such dirtiest company in India to do trade and commerce in India.

That pass/grant a permanent restraining and ban order against the HTC India for not making and kind of sell of any items such as smartphone, mobile, tablet etc made by the HTC India or through HTC any known and unknown Distributor or any importer registered in India and use import and exporter code under the Custom Act in India through any opening trade and commerce business channels thru Sea way, Airplane way or through territorial border surrounded through the Indian region at neighboring countries attached to the India region for trade and commerce. That the Service Centers will be of HTC INDIA will be also ordered to work absolutely freely and free service for two years for HTC every customer of any type then may be closed permanently. We are the people of India not to intrude for such a bad company who illegally making billion of Rupees by selling his bad and filthy items to the people of INDIA and treating fool and make blind all the people of India not to judge anyone by his dirty actions and demeanor. That kindly may stop all operations which the HTC secretly fooling around from your cities as Mumbai, Delhi and in Gurgaon three zones and its untraceable unknown offices and call centers so that the business of looting and cheating the new and old customers will get stopped permanently and the people of India may stop sinking their hard earned money on dirty company called HTC INDIA.
Any further asking and clarification may be asked on my below number and may contact on my below address.
Thanking You,

Place :- Muzaffarnagar

Mr K.K. Agarwal Advocate
210 South Civil Lines,Bulletin COlony
City:- Muzaffarnagar – 251001, U.P
Mb:- 09319365499, 09997476919, 09997473484 more  

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HTC means Horriblible & Terrible company suppliers of mobile more  
Tvse centre are accepting the HTC set for repairs w/o bill. more  
I, Kamlesh Kumar Gupta, is also an advocate and face problem with HTC mobile phone "HTC Desire 816 dual sim" for Rs. 23,000/- on 23,000/- from M/s. Bhomiyaji Electronics, 2/5, Akash Ganga, Supela, Bhilai on 24.12.2014. The phone was not functioning properly and went blank. I had to go to their service center at Raipur (50km from here) as they do not provide any service here. They had to replace the set, of course free of cost (within warranty period), after about 7 days. This new set has again gone blank. I have sent it again to the service center at Raipur. Problem: 1. I am once again without a phone for about 7 days. 2. I am worried as to what will happen after the warranty period is over on 23.12.2015. 3. Who will go after them to file a case and arrange the proof of my chasing them on their mobile, landline, e-mail, their toll free contact number etc. for these problems. K K Gupta, 0932-902-5441, 0942-529-3132 (which are down till I get back my mobile phone) more  
I also have a very bitter experience with HTC mobile phone set. I bought one for Rs12500/ it is HTC316 for CDMA of Reliance. The set was sold by Reliance store. They have taken my cell phone for repair and not returning the same. I am enclosing my emails that I have sent to Reliance Appellate authority. Re: {DWML15339271} [REPLY1] Re:Fw: Problem with your store Hanuman Sri Enterprises People SAVITHRI MAHESH Sep 18 at 9:28 PM To SirI received sms saying that my complaint 237639595 has been processed. May I know the details pl?Will I be getting my handset back from your store? Pl furnish the details as how it has been processed?I do not get any information from your store who is keeping my handset all these days.savithri mahesh9391090620 From: "" To: Sent: Wednesday, 16 September 2015 5:28 PM Subject: {DWML15339271} [REPLY1] Re:Fw: Problem with your store Hanuman Sri Enterprises Dear Customer,                  We have gone through your email dated September 11, 2015                  for your Reliance number 9391090620 and regret the                  inconvenience caused.                  Your complaint has been registered vide service request                  ID 237639595 on September 14, 2015 at 03.20 PM and it                  will be resolved by September 19, 2015 at 03.25 PM.                  Assuring you of our best services always.                  Thank you for choosing Reliance.                  Regards,                  Appellate Authority                  Andhra Pradesh                  You can contact us on 18602002011 from Monday to                  Saturday excluding National/ Public Holidays between                  9.30 am to 6.30 pm or write to us at        , with case ID                  of previously registered complaint at Customer Care/                  Touchpoint.                  ============================================================================                  From : on 11-09-2015                  17:41:10                  ============================================================================                  Sir                  While forwarding the below complaint I would like state                  few more facts:                  I have been complaining to Appellate Authority for the                  past couple of days. One Ms. Muneeswari spoke and                  promised she will take up. But in vain. Today around 5PM                  again I rang up and one lady spoke and after hearing                  without saying anything she disconnected the line. Again                  I rang up and Mr Anand came on line and spoke to me. He                  rang up to Mr Laxman store manager at Kachiguda                  Hyderabad his no 9393888833. He made a conference call                  but Mr Laxman shouted at me and said I have touched OS                  and it is my problem. The hand set is spoiled because of                  me.He is not responsible and he will throw the handset                  at me and I can go and complain to anyone, he is not                  bothered.                  i AM SHOCKED TO RECEIVE THIS KIND OF ABUSE. I request                  you to take up the issue and solve it. I have waited                  enough.                  If you have no control over your stores please say so. I                  will make alternate arrangements. I am fed up with these                  people. I am a senior citizen and at least let me get                  the minimum service.                  ----- Forwarded Message -----                    From: SAVITHRI MAHESH                   To: Reliance Group                   Sent: Friday, 11 September 2015 2:25 PM                  Subject: Fw: Problem with your store Hanuman Sri                  Enterprises                  Sir                  I am very unhappy about your indifferent attitude. The                  below mail was sent to you in July about the behaviour                  and unprofessional service of your store Hanuman sri                  Enterprises. But you have not taken any action in this                  regard.                  The hand set gave problems and I have again handed over                  the set at the same store on 27th August and they have                  neither repaired it nor replaced it despite my request.                  If the set is not replaced I want to take up Number                  Portability and take connection of Airtel or Idea.                  I am with Reliance Communications since 2002. Your                  service standards have gone down and you are bound to                  lose your customers.                  ph 9391090620                  savithri mahesh                  ----- Forwarded Message -----                    From: SAVITHRI MAHESH                   To: ""                                    Sent: Tuesday, 28 July 2015 6:29 PM                  Subject: Problem with your store Hanuman Sri Enterprises                  Sir                  My reliance ph 9391090620. I am a very old customer of                  reliance communications since 2003. This is post paid                  connection CDMA.                  On 28-6-15 when I visited your store Hanuman Sri                  Enterprises they asked me if I want to buy a handset and                  showed me htc Desire 316 and told me they are reducing                  the price and sold the set for 12500/-                  From day one there was problem. They have given me a                  used handset. It doesnot have head phones and the                  charger was not in working condition. The phone was                  getting switched off on its own. There are lot of                  problems.                  I visited twice the store and told them the problems.                  The people working there are (they donot have                  nameplates) Mr Johny Mr Mahesh. Later on during my                  second visit I came across one Mr Laxman who said that                  he is the owner of the store and told me indifferently                  that the hand set has no problems. I told him to keep it                  then he told me that he will get it repaired and the set                  doesnot come with head phones.                  Till date the set is with them. I having paid Rs12500/-                  is suffering without a phone. Whenever I ring up                  9393888833 Mr Laxman or 939388882 Mr Johny the phone is                  switched off.                  I request you to set right the problem by giving me new                  handset as this one is either used one or a defective                  piece.                  If my problem is not solved I have to migrate to other                  service providers.                  savithri maheshSo far nothing has happened and neither I received my money back nor the set is repaired. The phone is still with Reliance store.Where is the consumer protection more  
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