How to protect children and ourselves from Delhi pollution

Newborn babies and young children are the most vulnerable to diseases with their immunity not having developed fully yet. More than half of all deaths from acute lower respiratory infection (ALRI) in kids under five years are reportedly caused by exposure to air pollution. It also increases the risk of asthma, damage brain tissue impacting cognitive development and even increases the risk of childhood obesity.

Here’s what parents can do:

1. Do not take your baby out of the house before they are at least a month old, especially during the morning hours when air pollution is usually at its worst. Afternoons are a relatively safer period.
2. Use air purifiers in the room along with a humidifier. Dry air can lead to nasal blockage and your baby may end up crying excessively.
3. Indoor plants or vertical gardens can work as natural air purifiers.
4. Kids should also be protected from household air pollution too. This means, try and avoid dusting or cleaning and use of chemical sprays around your child.
5. Keep doors and windows shut during peak hours of poor air quality.
6. Using air masks can limit exposure to pollutants.

Anti-pollution foods for kids

To fight the impact of air pollution, kids need to strengthen their immunity. They should be given enough of foods rich with anti-oxidants to protect the body.
1. For newborn babies, breastfeeding is essential since it gives them a lot of immunity and keeps them protected from diseases.
2. Parents should ensure their kids eat plenty of vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C like lemon, carrots and apples.
3. Turmeric and honey make a good combination for kids who need to build their immunity. You can also give them basil, mixed with honey and ginger on an empty stomach in the morning.
4. Jaggery has anti-inflammatory properties and will keep your kids healthy.
5. Neem removes impurities from the blood and helps in developing immunity.
6. Ghee is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which can be added to your kids’ diet in regulated amounts.
7. Ayurvedic mixes such as Haridrakhanda and Chyawanprash are also recommended. Most kids like to eat these due to their sweet taste.

Exercise to cope with air pollution
Breathing exercises are a good way to prevent respiratory diseases. These exercises include pranayams like Bhramari, Hot Air Balloon or Tumble Dry, to name a few. more  

We are a great nation full of briliant minds too, while our CM has decided to abandone Delhiites to face the pollution issue and public sufferings due to it, we must find possible solutions and force the government to take steps accordingly too. As per me the public solutions are-

1. Installation of Smoke towers all over Delhi
2. Procure and deploy Vaccum cleaners for road cleaning
3. Plant lot of trees in Ridge, all parks and any available place
4. Look at possibility of large Wind mills to creat air flow, to be able to break the grid lock

I request Local Circle and all readers to please come up with real solutions and take them up to the CM for enforcing, instead of just watching all public money in crores being wasted in advertising with no real work. more  
It is very unfortunate that we are not taking seriously the HAZARDOUS IMPACTS OF POLLUTION. Please find out answers of following questions yourselves. 1. Whether the POLLUTION IS SERIOUS MATTER WHEN ONLY AIR BECOMES HAZY/ FOGGY? Whether we can protect us only by living in a confined area? more  

Thank you for your email.

Please note that we will be closed from 26th to 29th October for Diwali festival. more  
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