How to maintain food hygiene during covid-19

While shopping for items, use sanitisers before handling any cart handles, and use a wipe to clean the handles.

Maintain one-metre distance with other people while shopping.

As soon as you are back from shopping, wash or santise your hands thoroughly

Wash cutting boards, dishes, utensils, and countertops with hot and soapy water ⁠— especially after they’ve held raw meat, poultry, seafood, or eggs.

Cut out any damaged or bruised parts of the fruit or vegetable under running water without using any soap or any other commercial washers.

Scrub produces like cucumbers or squash with a clean brush before consumption

Dry them with a paper towel or a clean cloth

To make sure that viruses and bacteria are eliminated, cook the food to the required internal temperature more  

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Helpful suggestion. However, time will tell how we can control Covid-19. more  
The care we have to take is prevent carrying home any virus
Attached to our hands, body, dress, shoes any other thing which we buy viz packaged items handled by many, vegetables fruits, newspaper, plastic items if any cosmetics sanitiser that I'd effective for covid19, out side people ringing our Bell, dustbin clearance contacts,etc etc. There are many care to be taken. Today it may not be that serious bcos of 2nd stage. Hence advisory is good which is reliable. more  
These are all repetition. more  
The awareness has already been developed to save the life of family members. But to control the invisible Covid-19, it will take some time and appropriate medicine will come very soon. more  
We have to understand only one aspect that every individual is a likely virus carrier and can pass on the same to any one who is not maintaining social distancing appeal/ questioning the appeal. A person with weak immunity system gets over powered and becomes a positive case.

Kindly adhere to what has been explained number of times and including the advisory by the PM.

This is not the time to argue but if you want to be safe, just maintain the social distancing appeal and follow various instructions being issued every second.

Masks can be made at home at least it will give some safety say 30% but it is still worth it. If it is not available then there is no point cribbing ,one has to be innovative during such circumstances. We have just heard of ineffective masks supplied for lacs of money.

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