How to cope with pollution

1. Make use of activated charcoal

We have heard of activated charcoal being used in face wash and toothpaste. But, not many people know that they also act as a great air purifier. Activated charcoal also goes by the name of active carbon. The best part is that there is no odour and it is highly absorbent. You can think of it as a filter. People like to keep the charcoal in the bathroom as it controls humidity and keeps the bathroom smelling fresh as well.

2. Taking steam is beneficial

Not many people know that taking steam is pretty helpful if you are surrounded by pollution. In the evening, try taking steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil daily before going to sleep. This will not only help to relax and clear the airway, but also assists your body to get rid of harmful substances.

3. Essential oils

When you are thinking of the measures to make your home pollution-free, essential oils are rarely on the list. However, they can be of more use than you can think of. A study conducted at Weber State University found that Thieves oils have a surprising kill rate of 99.96 per cent against airborne bacteria. It is the perfect ayurvedic blend of cinnamon, pine needle, thyme, lemon, eucalyptus, grapefruit and other essentials oils. These essential oils help to keep the air pure and clean inside your home.

You can put a few drops of the essential oil in a diffuser to clean indoor air quality. If your allergies are acting up after stepping outside, put a few drops of the oil on a hot towel and inhale it to feel better instantly. You could also use eucalyptus oil to rub on your forehead, neck, and chest. It will soothe you from within.

4. Add more of houseplants or indoor plants

Studies conducted by NASA and the University of York for the BBC found that plants played a vital role in reducing the pollution inside the household. This is one of the best ways to tackle pollution, especially if you have young children, elderly or someone with respiratory health problems in your house.

Some of the best plants to help purify the household air would be Peace Lily and Lady Palm. Peace Lily needs moderate sunlight, whereas Lady Palm needs indirect but bright light. You can keep Areca Palm plant in carpeted rooms or even rooms that were recently painted. If you are looking for a plant to keep in an office-like space full of computers and fax machines, then European Ivy would be best suitable.

5. Handful tips to remember this Diwali

Last year, after Diwali, one of the most dangerous microparticles PM2.5 was at nearly 2,000 pts. The safe limit is around 50. The air quality plummeted to "severe" in the middle of the night as the firecrackers lit up the sky. In conditions like these, people with asthma problems end up at the hospital. Here are a few useful tips that will help you keep the air inside your home fresh, clean and pure.

* One of the best ways to fight air pollution is by keeping your body healthy. Add magnesium and Vitamin-C rich food to your diet to help you stay healthy and fight off the ill effects of pollution.

* If you have carpets around the house, make sure to get them cleaned from time to time as they act as a sponge for toxins. They can drastically affect air quality.

* Clean your house plants regularly.

* A good habit would be to leave your shoes outside the house. According to a study done by the EPA, it can reduce toxins by a whopping 60 per cent.

* It would be a good idea to invest in air purifiers if you can afford and use them instead of opening the windows.

As Diwali approaches, many people go out of town to avoid pollution. But, for those who want to celebrate the festival at home, small steps could go a long way in being safe from the pollution. Be considerate towards pets and people with health issues and say no to firecrackers this year. more  

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We are a great nation full of briliant minds too, while our CM has decided to abandone Delhiites to face the pollution issue and public sufferings due to it, we must find possible solutions and force the government to take steps accordingly too. As per me the public solutions are-

1. Installation of Smoke towers all over Delhi
2. Procure and deploy Vaccum cleaners for road cleaning
3. Plant lot of trees in Ridge, all parks and any available place
4. Look at possibility of large Wind mills to creat air flow, to be able to break the grid lock

I request Local Circle and all readers to please come up with real solutions and take them up to the CM for enforcing, instead of just watching all public money in crores being wasted in advertising with no real work. more  
Very good share by Shivani on tips for personal hygiene & pollution combat. Many Electronic Companies have now got a new product which in Delhi & other metro's could find good market. "Air Purifiers"...Kent has jumped from R.O. to Air purifiers and so has many electronic A.C. Manufacturers. How far they are effective and useful....only time will tell. more  
No problem. Once you are back from your travel, we can have a Chintan Baithak as by that time the pollution levels would have gone through the roof and we may need valuable suggestions from your Organization too. more  
This is an automatically replied message. more  
Good and useful ideas more  
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