Horrible Product & Service by LENSKART

First Order (Order No. 1203256126) placed for power spectacles on 14-Jul-15 comes on 6-Aug-15 after many delays and the power is wrong. I asked for a refund, the customer service guy convinced me to choose another spectacles and says this time there would be no problem and they will get it done on priority. I choose a Ray Ban frame and Tokai Lenses. the order (Order No. 120339561) is delivered on 26-Aug-15 and the RayBan is not only distorted, but even is melted on top where the glass is fitted. The clarity of lenses is also not good compared to my 3 year old spectacles with the same power. They promise to send someone on 27th. They call 10 times to confirm, but no one turns up at appointed slot. Someone finally comes 3 hours late and has no clue what to do. He says most teams are busy with a camp so someone else will come. On 28th August, person comes at 10.30 am and is sorry to see the frame condition. He apologizes profusely, speaks to seniors and assures it will be returned. He says a reverse pickup person will come in half hour and collect it and money will be refunded. No one has come yet / called even after 3 hours of his leaving... Can Lenskart get its act together and refund my money ASAP. To save time I ordered online... ended up wasting 10 times more time and energy !!! Really disappointing. more  

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Approach Consumer court. Recently consumer court had directed the "Amezon" on line marketing co. to replace the undersized/deffective item and also to pay the customer Rs.10,000/- as penalty towards deficiency of services.  On Friday, 28 August 2015 1:00 PM, Shantanu Saha wrote: more  
this is India mr saha. we have to learn a lot.dishonesty is embedded in our blood along with corruption. this is Sona ugalta hua mulk but for our deeds and actions. more  
if any one has the number of consumer forum pl provide so that he may seek help. more  
Is there any mechanism or system in place for redressal and to know ones rights. Today he is a victim. Tomorrow we all can be. Lawyers and consumer forums may deliver justice. But there is a price we pay in our time and money. Besides spectacles or reading glasses are essential commodity. Can't we who have a conscience and are impacted find an alternative, can't we exert pressure for laws to be amended so that defective goods can be returned and we are refunded with a penalty for shoddy goods and services more  
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