Hoarding/Price Manipulation of Vegetables/Fruits

We would like to seek your inputs on the issues of hoarding and price manipulation of supply of vegetables and fruits. Kindly share all issues. We would have seperate discussion/analysis on causes followed by solutions that need to be implemented to address this practice as best as possible. more  

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There is a big differences in prices between whole sale and retail almost double prices.Govt. should put their shops where it buys in whole sale and sell it to customer directly like in Goa it is done through horticulture department. more  
As far as prices of vegetables are concerned, we, the Indian consumers every year invariably face the havoc of price rising mainly in the cases of potatoes, onions, garlic like products, which apparently has become like a rule. The government can largely be held responsible for such artificial price rises as it allows exporting of the items without doing any home works about aggregate annual production, consumption and whether there is any balance left for export. This is followed by our dishonest traders by hoarding and creating artificial shortage in the market in collusion with the corrupt government machinery. And when the prices already touch the sky, the government steps in and take some ridiculous actions like selling onions through ration shops giving another scope to the traders to further hike the prices, instead of looking for the real causes and taking stern action against the traders found guilty of creating artificial crisis and increasing prices. We, the citizens believe that the government machinery is well aware as to who are the masters and where the produces are hoarded and they are also directly or indirectly a party into the whole episode because all-round the years there are elections and the parties need money in trillions for the purpose plus all-round corruptions. So the citizens are the preys as they know very well that as and when needed we will forget all these incidents and stand in the ques again to vote them. As other vegetables and fruits are highly perishable, their prices are generally regulated by their seasons, marketing like factors rather than hoarding. The lack of any government policy for regulating the prices of these items is also largely responsible for their price hike mainly during festival season as well in the event of any sole festival. But the people of the concerned government departments remain silent spectators instead of stepping in to regulate the prices. more  
Let the farmers sell their produce in the nearest retail market and let them add the transportation charges themselves without the intervention of any middleman. The APMCs are in the hands of agents and middlemen which should be fully diisbanded. more  
Practically there is no control in vegetable and fruit prices in the market.They are only based on production and public demand.The state government is required to control the price in coordination with agriculture,and other related departments. more  
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