Hoarding and Price Manipulation of Vegetables/Fruits - Addl Inputs

Below are the key issues/root causes and solutions for hoarding and price manipulation of vegetables/fruits. Kindly review and if you have additional inputs, please share.

We will be compiling this whitepaper for Minister, Consumer Affairs, Food, Public Distribution and his leadership team for actions.

Hoarding and Price Manipulation of Vegetables/Fruits - Key Solutions

1. The prices of fruits and vegetables should be controlled and regulated by the Government
2. An upper cap should put on fruits and vegetables by the Government
3. Hoarding must declared an illegal activity
4. Hoarders should be heavily fined, leading to imprisonment
5. The margins that the retailers keep should also be reduced
6. Demand and supply should be managed at the country level
7. Sufficient cold storage should be made available to farmers at various locations
8. Food Corporation of India could diversify into fruits and vegetables
9. When the price exceeds a set percentage of buying price these can be brought to local markets through state civil supplies corporations
10. Provisions should be made to promote farmers selling directly to the consumers
11. Exports should be stopped when the domestic demand surges
12. Prices of all essential items could be published in all dailies once a week so that people know the exact price.

Hoarding and Price Manipulation of Vegetables and fruits - Key Issues/Root Causes

1. There is no control in vegetable and fruit prices in the market
2. Many big players practice hoarding of fruits and vegetables
3. Prices of fruits and vegetable sky rocket every year
4. The prices of fruits & vegetables are manipulated through a cartel as it is an unorganized sector
5. Government price list is not followed
6. Retailers keep a high margin while selling these items
7. Hoarders create artificial shortage of fruits and vegetables in the market
8. The hoarders, middlemen and rich farmers earn millions at the cost of common peop more  

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a government controlled and shop for every category be opened to bring home to the businessmen and hoarders the sense of competition. more  
Hoarding and black marketing is a menace for the society as a whole. This is almost patronised by the political leaders and bureaucrats to reap the illegal enrichment to fund them. Raids and detecting hoarding of pulses of great magnitude in the states of south India is the example. Such raids have not yet been conducted in northern India and other states. Are they free form this malaise? this is due to the shelter of political leaders. If this is done there also whole shortage of pulses will be over and the costs will come down heavily. -Hoarding must be made a criminal offence at par with sedition besides invoking other penal provisions and exemplary punishment be inflicted through enactment. -Every dealer of fruits, vegetables, food grains, pulses, spices, dry fruits must declare their stocks to a controlling authority every three month. Excessive holdings must be checked periodically. -There must be a team of dedicated officers including the retired judges, bureaucrats to conduct surprise inspections of the shops / go downs of the traders of the commodities and the deviations must be acted upon including filing of FIRs. -The officers in whose jurisdiction the hoarding is detected, must be taken to task and held accountable for the same offence which the hoarder is subjected to. -Political nexus should be exposed publicly and duly publicized. -All such commodities be declared essential commodities and should be protected from private interference- should be controlled by Govt. -Export of essential commodities should be curbed and to off set its impact, export of other items which are not of common consumption of general public be increased so that country's foreign exchange balance is not adversely affected. -Margins of these commodities must be fixed over the actual procurement prices. -The producers of essential commodities must be made free to sell their products in free market even to retailers without intermediaries and any levies, octroi , commissions etc. -FCI must be made a nodal agency to purchase the pulses, lentils, spices, dry fruits etc for storing at the time of harvest of crops and release of stocks in the lean season to balance the demand and supply in the market. -net work of cold storages should be strengthened for storage of fruits and vegetables over and above its consumption to avoid their depletion in quality / nutrition and its value. There must be a check and balance to ensure that the storage does not exceed the limit fixed at a point of time and there is no artificial shortage. more  
No ruling political party would touch the hoarders and middlemen because either they are related to party big wigs or are party members. They fund the parties and, therefore, one finds that any number of voices raised thru print and visual media have no impact. Just cant imagine what can be done. more  
Though Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, Mumbai Suburban District at Bandra, Mumbai is functioning well. The matter gets postponed due to several cases accumulation and each postponement being of normally 2 months, one or two years passes and still one has to go to court on given date of hearing. Why postponement can not be intimated to consumer so that he need not go all the way to court just to see that his case hearing is after two months ?? My case was scheduled for final hearing more than one year so some time I am unable to attend. Why resources are not increased to facilitate consumers? A time is coming when I will loose patience and stop going to court enabling fraudulent company to go ahead and dupe others like me. more  
It is exploitation by middlemen. Farmers or growers do not get their due. It is cartel which needs to be eliminated. It has to be done with power and hence government has to do it. But we need HONEST OFFICERS. From where to get it? Outsource this to USA, Japan or ......... What a pitiable situation. Ashamed to mention it. more  
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