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Regular use of 'DANT MANJAN' could be more effective in curing bleeding gums and strengthening the teeth. But it will work well only if applied by hand.
Then again, visit to the dentist once in six months is must which we Indians do not like. Would visit only if we have dental problem.

Method: Apply small amount on teeth and massage gently with index finger. Leave it for sometime, rinse and clean.
I would prefer manjans manufactured under quality control labs rather than home made. You may choose many brands from the market. Almost all are effective. Some are mentioned below for your information:

Baidyanath Lal Dant Manjan :
It prevents and cures dental problems like bleeding of gums, dental carries, and pyorrhea. Also keeps the gum tissues in a healthy condition.

Dabur Lal Dant Manjan Use & Benefit
• Completely ayurvedic toothpowder
• Ideal to get strong teeth and healthy gums
• Provides clean and whiter teeth efficiently
• Provides natural care to teeth
• Enriched with natural ingredients such as Clove oil, Pippali, Pudina Satwa, Tomar Beej and Karpoor
• Helps to prevent toothache and dental diseases
• Helps to prevents bad breath
• Protects teeth from germs
• Helps to cure gingivitis
• Prevents bleeding of gums
• Helps to maintain the health of gum tissues
• Helps to prevent tartar and plaque
Divya Danta Manjan (Patanjali)
By using this tooth powder, gums become strong. Resultantly dental problems like pyorrhea would be solved and the tiny food particles that are left in between the gums would be pushed out. Bad odour from mouth would be ceased. Saliva glands work properly and teeth would be healthy and shine well. Dosage and method of usage: Rise early in the morning. Brush teeth with manjan. It can be massaged gently with middle fi nger or index fi nger. Massage gums and teeth slowly. After 3 to 5 minutes of massage, pour some water in mouth and gurgle it. You should also do it before retiring to bed at night. more  

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How a dant manjan can clean food particles between the teeth with help of a finger? Many times these dant manjans are not of fine particles and hard rubbing by fingers may cause some what damage gums. Fine dant manjans used with soft or extra soft brush can be a better option due to better Ayurvedic ingredients in some of them. more  
All "research and advancements" in medicine are coming back to the point of Ayurveda and our ancient practices. Can anyone deny that chewing a neem or babol stick in the morning will kill bad bactiria and disinfect the oral cavity? People were using finely sieved charcoal powder with a bit of salt added, for cleaning teeth. It is an established age old advise to use Laung for prevention of infection in mouth. And now Colgate after a "long and devoted research" comes to the market with a tooth paste with salt and carbon and clove oil !!! Chemicals like SLS etc which go into the tooth paste are said to be carcinogenic and yet companies promote use of tooth paste for commercial purpose. Most people are not aware of dangers of using hard and medium bristled tooth brush, yet the companies market these products. The best way is to use the products as per their benefits and not go by publicity stunt and advertisements by commercial companies. I am not disagreeing with the advancements made in dental science, but like all other medical practices, even dental implants etc have become prohibitively expensive. And the tragedy is that medical insurance companies do not entertain dental claims !! They reimburse lacs for treatment of other parts of the body, but do not consider mouth and teeth as parts of the body !!! more  
As a layman what I understand gums are the specialty of Periodontists. Even though people from Dental hygienist to BDS is performing all the dental tasks. Small towns are full of such dentists. And who is the sufferer, us, who can't differentiate between the dentist and hygienist or dentist and specialist dentist. Patients think that as you go from technician to the specialist only fees is increased. Technician will charge Rs 50 and extract the tooth, BDS would charge Rs 100 for it and Specialist may charge 200 to 400. But what the people don't understand the proper way of extraction. The specialist can advise you that the tooth can be saved whereas others would just pull it out. That depends, Specialist may cut away gum and bone tissue that cover the tooth and then loosen it from the jaw bone and ligaments that hold it in place. He would try to do it in the best available method in the dentistry. Dant manjan is being used by people since ages. Who was visiting the dentist? Of course dant manjan does not effectively clean the teeth but so is the toothbrush. Effective cleaning is done by floss only. Dant manjan is another way of massaging the gums which is not by the brush. Now hardly people are using the dant manjan but companies go on manufacturing them because it has some benefits. If it is so bad then why the government doesn't ask the companies to stop manufacturing it and withdraw the stock. Earlier there used to be very few dentists in the whole town. Now one can find them in dozens in one locality. Why because people are aware of their dental health and latest technology is also providing the resources in the shape of crowns, bridges, implants etc. more  
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