Healthier sweet options for people with sugar carvings

Munakka Anjeer Dates Raisins and jaggers are some healthier options for people with sugar cravings. Are there others?? more  

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Honey Safeda, banana, may other fruits. The best of all Sugar cane juice. more  
I am sharing this information based on my personal experience. I used to believe I have a sweet tooth and used to consume lot of sweet items to satisfy my cravings for sweet. I used to and still can consume a KG of Jalebis alone in a single sitting. But have stopped consumption of sweet items completely since last 10 months.

What is Sweet Craving / Sweet tooth Syndrome:
It is actually a kind of intoxication and is a state of our mind. Brain is the largest consumer of energy (glucose) in our body. Regular consumption of high amounts of sweets makes our body lazy to extract glucose from the food we eat. Since the sweets items we consume are a ready source of glucose it is an immediate source of glucose to the brain. Under its effect the we feel very happy and energetic and productive. This effect lasts in the body for around 6 hours. As soon as this period is over the brain will start to ask again for glucose and the sugar craving will start. This results in mood swings. The person as long as he is under sugar intoxication will be happy, energetic and productive. But as soon as the sugar effect goes off the person becomes short tempered (angry), lethargic and sleepy. As soon as the sweet items are taken he gets intoxicated again.

High consumption of sugar items regularly leads to acidification of our body, which leads to obesity and then to other lifestyle diseases. Since the body gets more than the required amount of glucose directly from the sugar we consume, the rest of the food items (calories) we consume are stored as fat in the body. This fat is converted at a later stage back into glucose when required by the body. but we don't allow that stage to arrive as we consume sweet items again. This leads to obesity.

Although we don't realise it but the most amount of sugar is consumed by us in the form of tea / coffee / soft drinks. This is the reason that the people with sugar carving consume lot of tea / coffee daily, whenever they feel drained and are then immediately refreshed.

How to overcome the Sugar craving Syndrome:
Stop consuming white sugar immediately. If it is difficult to stop consumption of white sugar immediately, then one should reduce the quantity to half for 2-3 days, then 1/4th for the next 2-3 days and then stop completely. So with in week you will be off your sugar cravings.

Most importantly one should stop consuming Tea / coffee with Sugar, soft drinks, and all packaged food items (as they contain high amount of sugars). You will soon observe that your craving for Tea / coffee has gone down.

If you can follow no sugar diet for one month believe me you will never have sugar craving again. You will feel energetic and fresh at all times and you will not have mood swings.

After you are off the white sugar intoxication you can consume jaggery (limited amounts and not frequently) and all types of fruits. This is to ensure that you are not depriving yourselves and your taste buds. Do not consume white sugar based products as it will not take much time to get back to sugar intoxication again. more  
thanks for sharing your experience so vividly. While we stop white sugar altogether, can continue to consume sweet fruits. more  
Apricots , & coconut sugar can be added to the list, low glycaemic index ,natural and,full of nutrients preservative free make them stand better than jaggery. more  
Stevia. It's the safest and best. No calories, no sugar, no fructose. No effect of blood glucose levels - zero. I've been taking this for 10 years, no side effects, very swett so you need to use very little. more  
Molasses - liquid jaggery, coconut sugar sap more  
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