Healthcare is now a Business, nor a Profession or Service

I am writing this piece to share my experience as to how even familiar doctors try to exploit sick people. This experience is less than 24 hours old.

I have known a consulting physician in Bangalore for over six years whom I consider a competent doctor. He gave health care to my late father quite satisfactorily. He is also treating my octogenarian mother for hypo-thyroidism, hypertension and osteoporosis. Recently, he has started a hospital with considerable investment. There is obvious pressure to earn more, keep the hospital beds occupied, do more diagnostics etc. This has completely changed the characteristic of the doctor and his attitude to the patients.

Yesterday morning, I took my mother to him as she was complaining of fever and severe joints pain. The doctor diagnosed it as a new strain of viral fever which is accompanied by joints pain. He ordered complete blood count test (CBC) to ascertain platelet count and then would prescribe the medicines.

But, when I got the prescription, it included not only CBC, but also test for Dengue, Typhoid and Malaria! Though I felt that these tests were unnecessary, I paid for the tests without demur, as I had a long standing relationship with the doctor. The hospital staff talked of admitting the patient. I flatly refused and stated that it will be my decision.

After two hours the test report came. I do not know, whether all these tests can be completed within such a short time. Assuming that it is possible, predictably, the finding on Dengue, Typhoid and Malaria were negative. The doctor prescribed two medicines to be taken for five days.

After buying the medicines in the pharmacy attached to hospital, I went to fetch my mother who was lying down in emergency room. To my surprise, I found that they hospital staff had already fixed canola on my mother's right hand. This is always done when the patient is ready to be admitted to the hospital, or has to be given drips. The hospital staff had done this without awaiting the order of the doctor, and my consent. I took the hospital staff to task, loudly, in the hospital lobby, within the hearing of other waiting patients. I asked them when the doctor had not recommended hospitalization, and I had not consented, how could they fix the canola on the patient, with whose permission they did this. I questioned their lack of professional ethics. They had absolutely no answer. After berating them in the same wain, I left the place with my mother, after the canola was removed. Now I wish that I had not consented to and paid for these unnecessary tests for Dengue, Typhoid and Malaria.

I am writing this to inform the members of this circles that even known doctors take patients for a jolly ride. Patients are seen as moneybags, not as people needing professional help to get better. Therefore, do not hesitate to question the prescription, do not hesitate to ask question why each test is required, or why each medicine is prescribed and what is its function. more  

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Yes you have to make time and give time for protecting your health. Saying you are busy is easy, it is easy to suffer also. more  
Yes, the most of doctors do. In case of illness consult homeopath. If necessary consult 2 to 3 allopaths, before tests & treatments to understand cause of illness & treatment. I have many incidents doctors didn't hesitated to kill me or family members out of greed, they earn even from your stooll & urine tests. Adopt healthy life style, yoga, indian healthy supplements to remain fit. more  
Every human being will not have death coming at a short notice without pain. Only Punya Purushas are blessed like that. Mr Gambhir has suggested the best possible for one to accept graciously death but human beings with all their weaknesses run from pillar to post, even if one is determined there are always several to frustrate that goal,only when everyone practices yoga and aware of Karma Siddhartha does one can achieve their goal. more  
Very well said by Shri Balakrishna Madhiyalla. Let us all accept problems due to ageing. Let us all accept that sooner or later each one of us will have to go, there is no other option.
But, until we are alive, let us always carry positivity in our daily thoughts and actions. Also, even under the face of extreme adversity let each of us do our bit to improve our nation and people of our nation. These actions will be truly representing our respect to Prof. APJ Abdul Kalam.
I also agree with Shri Lalit Gambhir that we must practice yoga every day. I wish to add, we must eat food like medicine. Food shall be taken in proper times, proper quantity and quality.
I strongly believe vegetarian food with enough daily intake of seasonal fruits, milk, and yoghurt is better as you grow old. more  
Dear Gururaj, what you are sharing here is representative of what a common man suffers every day. Not surprisingly (read, shockingly) when all the business rules are applied to noble professions- u name any, this is what happens.
Hence to share with u the lesson from my own extensive experience of hospitals and doctors (as a no. of my family members suffer from one or the other serious problems) I say this- all patients must do/try to do yoga regularly without fail; allopathic cannot be a regular treatment; try alternative treatments through your own research; and in my own opinion if nothing works prefer dying in your own sweet home rather than in an inhuman hospital.... more  
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