Handing more control to government

Many contributors in this circle ask for the government to interfere in every aspect of our life. Things like censoring OTT content, compelling people to wear masks, how to stop restaurants from including a service charge in the bill, impose control on the supply of processed food etc. to name a few. What we should all understand is that the government has certain specific responsibilities already but even there, they fall short of expectations. Anything with the word government stuck in front (government schools, government offices, government hospitals, government undertakings etc.) rarely stand for good quality and most of us try to avoid them altogether in favour of alternatives even though it means a stiff monetary cost to us. So let us NOT suggest handing over more control to the government, especially one which has come to power promising 'less government but better governance'.

Government officials are often found to be corrupt or incompetent or both. By enacting more regulations, we will have more government inspectors who will look over our shoulders and interfere in everything we do. And more often they will end up looking the other way when someone breaks a rule for a small consideration. For example, it is a well-known concept in most cities that you can violate any building codes with total impunity if we know which palms we should grease. Thus, the very purpose of government control is lost. It is not that we have less rules; we have plenty of them. But the discretionary powers vested with government employees always works against common citizens and benefits those who exercise this discretion. And then we keep crying about corruption in government. So why give more opportunities to them to be corrupt?

I once read an article in an American magazine about why people in US are so fond of guns (the right to bear arms is given to them by the second amendment to the US constitution). It is not just for self-protection against other citizens or criminals. It is mostly for use against any future Government which tries to oppress them using force. In other words, they DO NOT trust the state (the government) to always work in the citizens' interests and would fight against a tyrannical state if a need for the same arises. Unfortunately, in India, no government or government servants have ever worked for the peoples' benefit but alas, we can only meekly put up with these leeches. more  

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Many a things are due to people taking undue advantages of Democracy. Compare Govt with Private and see the Work Culture. Reservation, Strong Unions, Political Interference are some of the main reasons. Even Opposition Parties are also most IRRESPONSIBLE. Opposition is for Opposition sake. Before 75 years conditions were different, like Education level, Freedom Fighters have gone to Jail. Now in 75 years 3-4 Generations have changed ,the rules also must be changed accordingly. Corruption and Over population are another bottle necks. more  
In a country like India where so many cases are pending in various courts and the way our police system works , it is better we create our own awareness group to pin point such specific violations . more  
Central govts are pathetic, they are busy with G20, 3 Talaak, Akshai Chin, Baltistan. Indians taxpayers are struggling. more  
rules and faulty laws made by Govt , so onus is on them to sort out the issue. why we have not changed laws from british time more  
We have a full-fledged Ministry of Law and justice with a cabinet rank minister heading it and God knows how many thousand government servants labouring diligently under him. The Ministry website says that the Department is in existence since 1883. So they have had enough time to modernise things even if they started in 1950. But being a government department, they are not accountable to you and me. more  
Rules are made by the government and judiciary. So any problem the common man of India would definitely expect the government to interfere and do justice. more  
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