G.S.T.certain disparities & Traders irregularities

Just like Demonetization, in introducing GST also at the initial stage there are many misconceptions, anti propaganda, fear complex, confusion as to how to proceed, traders fear whether they will be caught for not showing correct accounts in the previous years etc are widely found. Knowingly or unknowingly the merchants over tax the customer . Some merchants sell away packed materials without MRP prices, no expiry date or to use best before a date, without revised MRP stickers by the side of original MRP prints. Hotels furnish bills with following taxes viz., GST=12%, SGST=20275, CGST=2.275%. One Sweet Stall charges tax for product cost 165/- collects GST at 12% which amounts to Rs.19.80. When the intention of GST is for taxing single tax from customers, the traders/restaurant /hotel owners Central Gst, State GST, AND IGST. Some departmental Stores who have GST No. do not separately charge GST tax. The customers are perplexed. There must be uniformity in all areas .
It is also seen that almost 90% of small traders who store commodities for some lakhs and sell to middle class/poor class customers do not give any bill/receipit at all even if we buy for some hundreds or over one thousand rupees. At the most they prepare a slip with items and price and give.
It is also seen that almost in all small/big grocessory shops, departmental stores, hotels, restaurants etc they do not display Princes of commodities they sell in their shop. So much so customers cannot prepare themselves for cash etc before they purchase items. This must be prevented and all shops must be made to put up display menu and price list in prominent place of the shop. more  

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Prices of food product specially bought from Hotels have gone very high.As hotels have not reduced previous taxes and are charging GST over and above the rates.Concerned agencies must act on it. more  
Traders are misusing GST implementation by creating a wrong euphoria of increasing the prices.As per Anti-profiteering clause,they can not charge more & retain the benefits of GST themselves.Different slabs are kept because of categorization of goods according to their consumption by lower,middle & high income groups. more  
To expect that prices of essential commodities will come down is to live in Fools Paradise. No business man is going to part with Input Tax Credit as it will help them to earn extra profit. GST would have been beneficial if there was only one Tax Rate for all Goods & Services throughout India, which is not the case. There are multiple rates and every State is authorised to impose their own rates in addition to rates finalised by GST Council. We had hoped that all types of CESS would be subsumed in GST which has not happened. more  
What ever , post GST prices of all commodities have increased manifold for common man. Central government does not seem to care nor the GST council more  
where is the central govt. for these. See Kashmir, it burning for the past one year. We have very close friends adj to J & K, and. they will do their best to continue to harass India. There is no time for GST, and, pay enormous amounts to 'consultants' to sort out your problem. more  
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