The govt should look at a very simple GST like that of other countries - Only one GST for everything and anything. Give rebate to exporters. Waive GST on essentials- wholesale food, medicine and such related.
Additional tax can be charged on imports that are in conflict with local produced and reviewed/adjusted as and when required to keep the balance "politically too" for local farmers, manufacturers, tourist purchase refunds, etc.

See typical GST & Tax in Singapore. You can search the same for China and other countries which are similar to India.



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No GST for Essential items.
5% for Mid segment items.
15% for Luxury items. more  
The rules in India are framed with an intention to collect election funds, foreign trips and ofcourse creating own assets. You carefully study any Act, you will find the same is worded in such a complex language that it is beyond understandable by 80% of the population being illiterate. What are we talking about of the Acts lets see the Hindu Marriage Act. Do we have to engage lawyers to run our family and understand even the definition of "Women". Crime Against Women, defines women being wife of a husband for the purpose of complaint but at the same time mother and sister of the accused are not the women. The same sister when become wife of the man become woman as far as complaint registering is concerned and is being treated as the most innocent woman but when she was not married is the most torturous women. This was just an illustration but one can look into many Acts and would find illogicality and not understandable language and statements.

As far as GST is concerned, while it is also confusing and beyond understanding of small traders and has to face lot of victimization and corruption. There are tax inspectors who are every now and then are enjoying lavishly life and many junior inspectors even keep on with expensive tourist package staying in five star hotels incl for all of their family members. It is a laughing stock when we hear about 28% GST or may be 100% excise duty and taxes like in petroleum products and then befool the citizens that we want to reduce the prices and uplift the society. I agree some of the points specially if we would have made a single tax rate may be 2% to 5% for all the commodities across the board, the corruption would have ended. If I had to buy a table worth Rs. 10,000/- I am required to shell out appox Rs. 3,000/- extra and the question would be why should I shell out additional Rs. 3,000/- towards taxes and thus would get encourage by avoiding the taxes and pay in cash generating black money and guarantying the corrupt earning for the corrupt taxation department. more  
And when there are no weddings or restivals it's time to take a trip abroad. Sometimes I feel as a nation we contribute a hell of a lot to the world's economy more  
The problem in India is we do not have just one festival every week we have restive occassions our ancestors planned it so well when there are no festivals then there is the wedding "muhurat" so that's another reason for celebrating. more  
But then who will pay for the Prime Ministers trips abroad and pay for the cost of attending opening ceremonies etc? more  
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