GST rate reductions

5 per cent to Nil tax slab.

* Vegetables, (uncooked or cooked by steaming or boiling in water), frozen, branded and put in a unit container

* Vegetable provisionally preserved (for example by sulphur dioxide gas, in brine, in sulphur water or in other preservative solutions), but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption

Some of the items that have been reduced from 28 per cent to 18 per cent:

Pulleys, transmission shafts and cranks, gear boxes

Monitors and TVs of up to screen size of 32 inches.

Re-treaded or used pneumatic rubber tyres

Power banks of lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries are already at 18 per cent

Video game consoles and other games and sports requisites.

Cinema tickets of up to Rs 100 have been brought down to 12% from 18%. Tickets above Rs 100 have been brought down to 18% from 28%.

There will be no premium tax on airline fares for religious purposes. Business class tickets will attract 12% GST, economy 5%.

Cement and auto parts still in 28% more  

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I think the Govt. should decrease the tax on insurance premium for medical insurance and personal accident policies. These policies are necessary for a welfare state and the present rate for GST is too high. They should reduce tax to 5 % slab if retention of tax is necessary at all. Also RBI reserves should be utilised for ensuring that Deposit Insurance Corporation can protect depositors for their deposits instead of only Rs.1 lac for deposits per bank.Now with the
high NPA levels at banks the fear of bank failure looms large particularly for Senior Citizens.
Retd. Bank Official
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
29/12/2018 more  

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On Sat, 22 Dec 2018 at 18:38, Garima Sharma<> wrote: more  
Padam Lawji, why are you upset on Garima's effort to share an important announcement which is of concern to all people ? We can have individual's freedom of how to consume information and knowledge. Your method is via TV and newspaper. I do not go near to them, because half the things are advertisements and time wasters. On the contrary information I find it useful is what I pick up from professional blogs and learned communities like LocalCircles. Garima, please keep it up and share more on important subjects more  
Garima ji..... Almost al of us read News Papers and watch TV also... No need to waste so much time in writing something which all of us already know about. more  
Padam Law sir - news paper is one way while these circles are many to many. Information can go back to Govt via them so dont criticise information exchange. This is babu mentality. more  
Friends, on GST orSGST, there are millions of views. Any such drastic change in the system of course needs detailing, but then it can never be ready with all the microlevel detailing anywhere.
All political parties wants to take credit when in power. But we should not forget that we all want to eat the cake n have too. Is that possible.

The foreign schools of economics or business cannot teach and solve our socio-economic problems ever. It is our schools n our people on our soil can only do. Or otherwise ,why so many complexity in issues, objections all the time we have to face. Yes, of course it is good to review such system from time to time n do necessary changes as situation demands. Personally I there should not be any tax on food. Air-conditioned or non-airconditioned hotels, restaurants.
Similarly all such taxes when implemented the people who draft such laws are never see it from so called common citizens eyes.

Our total excise, sales tax import duties, export duties etc; were drafted during the colonial rule. And our so called experts have kept on adding so many products , amendments in the rule.

Just for example: During British Raj then govt implemented few pai tax on salt n for it Gandhiji took out protest march that time salt was sold at 2paise a Sher. Every year we commemorate that event ,but have noticed that today what price including tax are we paying ? Ideally if all political parties worship gandhiji than there should be no tax on edible salt, it is life saving n essential for all live stocks.

So what all our learned friends say on this? The salt act was only deleted from the excuse manual just 20yrs back after independence, what a pity.

You see our constitution was drafted by that time experts team n do we ever bother to know how many amendments were carried out, changes made by the ruling political parties for their benefits to remain on power? If that constitution was so perfect why it was amended so many times,means those who have drafted have not done their homework in detail if had they done it, even today also our constitution would have been in draft form.

JAI HIND more  
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