The target would be to protect 70% of the population , at least 50% immediately .

The prediction of 7 million by October was well challenged in India As we stand on 2nd Oct. less than 64 Lakh cases. The daily cases have plummeted from the close to one lakh mark to 80,000 . Daily Death also is stabilizing just around 1,000 with adequate ICU & Equipment and improved expertise.
The interview with our Scientist is promising and invigorating at this time of Pandemic affecting the Nation that has left many depressed.

With over 200 Vaccine Candidates the world over and about 8 in last phases of trials and 2 good and reliable .
Of course there will NOT BE short cuts in Licensing by the committee to approve production, distribution.

The priority to give the vaccine is known well to all of us . Yes the frontline workers who are most exposed to the risk of infection then come the others.


Till now all Indians couldn't be vaccinated for common ailments having it available for decades. It may reach Upper class/ Middle class/ Healthcare people by 2021 but for sure not to the masses effectively in next couple of years.
Any vaccine produced till now is not aimed at single shot protection. How can you expect it to safeguard 135 Crore ?
Hopefully Indians may get immunity to fight it out like many other disease for less fatality, that's all. more  
The title of your post is somewhat misleading. The earliest availability of approved vaccines, as per the WHO video posted by you, is mid 2021. And as it is further explained in the video, the mass production and availability of vaccine for the larger masses will take many months after that ... lets be optimistic but it will be false hope to expect to get a vaccine shot before the end of 2021 at the earliest!

One may still get infected, at least at a milder level, even after getting vaccinated and there can be serious long term side effects which are unknown at this point.

One can continue to wait for the vaccine or actively work on changing the odds in one's favor. In addition to social distancing, mask and hand washing one should reduce the intake of sugars in all forms to the bare minimum - most important action point for an individual among many other things - and strengthening the immune system. The virus needs sugar in the cells to be able to replicate and high sugars means insulin spikes in the body which has other negative impacts on our immune system.

The government can help the citizens by actively educating them on how to improve their health and strengthen their immune system. more  
Yes sir I did go through the Video before posing . But the populat news in the Print Media claims it to be available early . more  
A sentence of caution. While availability of vaccines is a definite hope to this utterly hopeless situation, even those who would receive the vaccine should consider it as a secondary line of defence. Primary weapons of defence should remain unaltered, the Mantra of DMW(Distance,Mask and Wash), which must be remembered in words and practised arrogantly in spirit. DMW is the only effective weapon in the hand of humanity against the utmost cruel daemon COVID-19. Let us swear by it, practice it and insist others to practice it. more  
Vaccine is urgent for India. Trump is with coronavirous. I don't believe first. But it's real. May God gives him early recovery. Congratulations more  
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