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Homoeopathy is a growing area of medical practice gaining momentum as an alternate healing method. Citizens are opting to be treated homoeopathically due to the fear of side effects of using Allopathic medications and also the promises of a cure for many an ailment by the Homoeopathic practitioners.
It is also promoted as a patient friendly, wholistic and cheaper means of permanently curing ailments without side effects. While this is a subject of debate in medical circles what can be noticed is fleecing of the patients in an innovative fashion.
To have a first hand understanding of the modality of this method one has to walk into any one of the clinics of Dr Batra's, Homoeo International which are run like corporate hospitals.
While professionalism is to be appreciated one has to condemn fleecing of the patients in the guise of professionalism. Here is how they do it.
1. You are asked to take prior appointment over phone.
2. You need to register and provide all the initial inputs about your purpose of visit and the details of the ailments and family background.
3. You are then ushered into the presence of a Junior assistant who collects the information about the ailment and the nature of suffering in the prescribed homoeopathic way of taking a case. Your weight, height, BP, and other reports are also collected. Then this information case sheet is passed on to the Practioner who is going to examine you.
4. The Doctor then goes through the case sheet and confirms the details with you and poses additional questions as required after he examines the patient.
5. Now comes the most important part. He explains to you the modality of the treatment and the length of treatment that would be necessary and asks whether you had been informed about the SCHEMES of the hospital.
He lists out the schemes like a 1 year treatment plan, 2 year treatment plan and 3 year treatment plan which would include cost of consultation and homoeo medicines but not the creams and other prescriptions which are to be purchased from their outlets. The schemes cost anywhere from 4500 to 45000 and all are down payment. The are generous in offering you the provision to pay in 2 to 3 instalments using PDC's/Credit Card !!
6. Like all Homoeopathic practitioners here too they do not reveal to you the medications that are being administered to you.

While Homoeopathic medicines come very cheap charging such huge amounts as cost of treatment is unwelcome and also unwillingness to reveal the medicines administered is a violation of the citzens rights. Consultation fees could be higher or on par with Allopathic Doctors but charging of medicines and concealing the information of medication is unethical.

It is high time that these matters are addressed and set right to help citizens have access to cheaper and safe way of treating their illnesses. more  

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Government and charitable hospitals may start homeopathic departments to help poor people by charging a nominal fees as private homeopaths are charging much more than the value of homeopathic medicines. Even homeopathic treatment has become unaffordable. more  
THERE IS AN URGENT NEED TO IMPLEMENT A COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH POLICY, If the government is interested I am willing to take the trouble of drafting it even more  
The above case is of an organized Homeo Clinic. Their most of the advertisements are for regrowth of hairs of bald people, which appears to be one of their expertise. I am yet to come across any patient, who confirmed that his/her baldness removed after spending a heavy amount there. The Padmashree of Dr. Batra should be taken back. An investigation of unethical practice may also be done.
The original homeopathy by Dr. Henneman of Germany emphasize only one medicine for all symptoms. But now a days Homeo doctors are prescribing many medicines. The frequency of medicine intake is much higher than originally prescribed.
Homeopathic medicines have also become costly. Govt. should have price regulator here too.
The common belief/myth that homeopathic medicines have no side effects is totally wrong. Any medicine for prescribed symptoms can also create the same symptoms. If some symptoms have been suppressed in the past by any systems of medicines, the same are to be brought back in homeopathy for holistic relief. Thus there are side effects of homeopathic medicines too.
Like in Allopathy, good doctors gives symptoms, disease and medication in prescription, in old Indian system of medicines like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, most of the doctors do not give you their prescriptions. In most of the cases dispensation of medicines is also done by them. The prices charged for medicines in such cases are also very high, particularly for homeo medicines, which are quite economical in comparison to other systems.
The concept of holistic treatment (diseases removed from the roots) is also not proven. They take it to their advantages of long and costly treatment. Naturopathy advocating the same, is again one of the costliest system in residential therapy. They again never cure the patient wholly and advise them to continue the same treatment and eating habits, which practically id not possible afdter coming out f Nature Cure Hospital. I am yet to come across any man, whose disease has been totally eradicated. These are also the main reasons for not becoming popular of Ayush in India. The Govt. should take action to remove these anomalies of Ayush and make it economical so that all people can adopt it. more  
Research in HOMEOPATHY is needed and the govt should pay its attention here since the allopathic treatment and medicines are very costly. Govt hospitals even some of the private hospitals also not to the required standard where we find poor service. more  
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