Fumigation and Disinfection

Every one talks about fumigation and disinfection of offices, factories etc. but there are no clear guidelines for how to fumigate, what fumigators to use, what disinfectants to use, how often to fumigate, etc? Fumigation is to fight Covid, just can not fumigate with anything. Can any one give some guidance? In fact Health Ministry should guide. It would be a good idea to give a list of companies making such fumigators, and chemicals etc. so that one would be safe. Safety of people fumigating and occupants, material on shop floor, also is equally important. more  

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Sir Fumigation will not work on Corona Virus as in fumigation we do smoke in complete area and smoke doesn't kills Virus but it can kill insects who inhale air, when we would like to kill insect we do fogging or fumigation. For Corona Virus we have to Sanitize our area like we have to spray disinfectant on the surfaces which we can touch. STIHL Mist Blower ( Sanitizing Machines) are best available today as we have seen it many times in different news channel and we found it effective also as we purchased it for our Apartments 9818823244 is contact details from where we purchased. more  
Thank you Arunji. Your reply helps. more  
Any inputs on the efficacy of using UV devices to treat/sterilise air, especially in open warehouses and factories? Also on using UV to sterilise cardboard cartons and food packaging more  
During Spanish flu 1918,nurses used to attend to patients after rubbing eucalyptus oil Try this old remedy to disinfect indoors and rooms can be closed while vapors are working to remove all germs including Corona Harmless for us,humans In fact it's good for our respiratory system more  
Thanks Dr. Nath. What is &amp? more  
I can swear by Eucalyptus Oil & our modern science does not allow to flourish simple & harmless products. Vicks has 1% only & it is a popular over the counter product,besides being a household name. We need No Scientific Studies for Every Product because who is going to fund scientific studies?
There is No Placebo Effect
Do Try with Blind Faith. more  
Thanks for bringing back the old guard back . Our Grand mothers used to

swear by eucalyptys oil frof all respiratory distress. more  
Thanks to Dr Joshi for his very signifant and useful information. If properly followed it could save money and men power to the municipalties etc. more  
Do we need fumigation or disinfactant spray on roads and pathways in villages/societies, open to sky? If yes how offen? more  
We don't need in reality but it has become a fashionable behavior to throw disinfectant all over the place.

The coronavirus can live for three days on some surfaces, like plastic and steel, new research suggests. Experts say the risk of consumers getting infected from touching those materials is still low, although they offered additional warnings about how long the virus survives in air, which may have important implications for medical workers.

The new study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, also suggests that the virus disintegrates over the course of a day on cardboard, lessening the worry among consumers that deliveries will spread the virus during this period of staying and working from home.

When the virus becomes suspended in droplets smaller than five micrometers — known as aerosols — it can stay suspended for about a half-hour, researchers said, before drifting down and settling on surfaces where it can linger for hours. (In the study’s experimental setup, the virus stayed suspended for three hours, but it would drift down much sooner under most conditions.) The finding on aerosol is inconsistent with the World Health Organization’s position that the virus is not transported by air.

As far as Indian conditions are concerned, the tropical heat and humidity does not support the survival of the virus. Corona virus is heat-labile. more  
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