FSSAI on honey

A newsletter this morning had done a break on how FSSAI has compromised on Honey.

Honey is famously the third-most faked or adulterated foods in the world. It’s child’s play to pad up real honey with corn or rice syrup, which is why regulators have standards and checks. But FSSAI, about a month ago dropped those standards, and basically gave brands the all clear to add as much syrup as they want, while still marketing it as “pure” honey.

It’s among the most bizarre moves, and beekeepers are up in arms, though the wider public has, for the most part, missed it. Because the change is buried in an administrative notice with jargon like “Pollen count and plant elements/g, Min. – 5000” and “Parameters and corresponding entries at Sl No. 13, 14 and 15 shall be omitted.”

The story author Roshni says “Yesterday’s standard for honey was honey. Today’s standard for honey is syrup. Tomorrow’s standard for honey will be straight out of a nightmare.”

FSSAI will you please answer? more  

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Honey is 3rd most over hyped food. It is just sugar syrup, sugar derived from flowers and dried about 30% by flutter of wings of Bees. Dont get impressed by virtues of honey as described by Vaids/Hakims more  
Don't be surprised, if you find such adulterators are being felicitated - because they are our WEALTH CREATORS. more  
I am the one who is in virtual fight with FSSAI since 2012 with respect to honey standards and even efforts were underway for restoration during 27th Nov 2019 meeting. With great persuasion, I was able to got framed at-least 75% fit standard of honey. In India honey domestic business is above 1500 crore per annum and all famous brands are simply marketing pure Chinese syrups in the name of Indian honey.
Huge money is involved hence blanket licence by FSSAI for marketing of 100% starch based syrups as honey in India.
In case some News channel comes forward to expose the racket, I am ready for financing testing charges at Intertek, Bremen, Germany. It will also help in achieving Prime Minister dream of Sweet revolution a reality. more  
You are right. In UK all edible salts are sold under the name sea salt only. They don't use iodised salt. In the process of making more whiter n free-flowing salt the natural mineral Iodine is lost n then they try to fortify by adding IODATE salt making it the costliest. It is millions of rupees business. Same is the case with other products like you have mentioned.
Horse is eating mainly grass . Still it has tremendous strength, and even today the power of engine is expressed in terms of Horse Power, it doesn't required fortified grass.
Anyway..... more  
Its surprising as to how honey could be allowed to be adulterated with syrup or any other external substances! Stop consuming honey of any brand. more  
Sir, like these days IT is officially allowed to mix various edible oils n perhaps you may also be buying it without your knowledge. Even dairies also do such practice , which was once considered as an offence to sale skimmed milk after removing fat, n also the dynamic pricing of air tickets, railway tickets is no more black marketing.

Alongwith the Globalisation n WTO agreement all such wrong practices are allowed.

But unfortunately our fellow citizens have hardly any interest .
Jai Hind more  
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