FSSAi has to extend its activities all over India

The extent of food safety duties is enormous in a country as vast as India .
The food inspection in municipal limits rests with local municipalities .The certification for packed food rests with FSSAI .
All of us are familiar with street food ,carts, stalls,pick up trucks ,mobile chat wallas but are we not supposed to regulate them seriously inspite of rising incidences of GI tract diseases Diarhoea ,Gastroenteritis,salmonella ,hepatitis a ,b etc ?
In the two Telugu states women’s self help groups known as DWACRA are allowed to prepare food items ,snacks etc along with hand made craft items .There is a big wave of home made snack stall chains known as Swagruha foods who operate shops with low prices founded by women groups .
There is a huge production of pickles in mango season in all rural areas of AP.
In all the places hygiene standards observed is pathetic.One must visit and see the locations , food producers,handlers, transportation .It is seriously below par.
Crores of rupees worth of business take place in the above product sales points ,may be helping women is good ideal by the local governments but neglect health by not regulating these is a serious crime .
The central authorities must verify and come down heavily on municipalities for their neglect ,thus playing with lives of crores of people who consume these foods. more  

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Each State must be more responsible to meet local requirements. more  
FISSI may not be having manpower to inspect and issue certificates. The local Health Inspectors also has responsibilities to carry out. more  
Basic hygiene such as using potable water, washing hands, being medically fit without communicable diseases, use of gloves when serving & cooking, hair cover, face mask, apron. These are something that can be communicated by way of a simple leaflet and explanation / demonstration by a food safety officer to a assembly of food hawkers, vendors in a locality.

Those who attend this seminar/training (should be made mandatory for all Municipal licensed vendors), should be given FSSAI license free and also a laminated certificate for having attended the training.

They should carry this certificate or display it at their shop.

FURTHERMORE, consumers should be sensitized to expect such service/hygiene and see for this CERTIFICATE before buying food.

Advertising via TV with help of a Bollywood star will greatly help in communicating the message. more  
In cooerey shows telecast, we see people cooking without HAIR COVER, MASKS and GLOVES. Is it not UN HYGENIC? more  
Sir , I can understand your comment as one coming from a doctor . The 2 Telugu states have the most popular Governments installed by the People .The C.M.'s would have encouraged this initiative to boost the income generation for the Women folk of the 2 States .

At this stage the action should be taken by the State Government inducing Food safety departments to do random checks and issue warnings and also give the right atmosphere for such and inculcate the sense of Hygiene . I happened to travel along the Banks of The Godavari river in Rajahmundry dt. Saw plenty of stalls displaying their produce . Our Family bought plenty of stuff to our hearts content .

Even in Tamilnadu , such initiatives are encouraged . FSSAI certification is granted as though you buy a railway platform ticket. That is what is happening all over India . As an active circle member you would have also come across adverse news about the Patanjali Products not found to be fit to the Army Canteens . So you can't expect much from the center , except the 2 states being ruled by opposing parties that mouled ALL the other parties . more  
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